Jun 27, 2018

A fix that works

Greetings everyone.  Hope your week is going well, I know it's going fast!  Just wanted to mention that I tried the other comment fix found on Jo's blog (here) and it works perfectly.  Thank you Jo!  My first attempt failed because I did not Save after deleting my email but when I went back and did it correctly, it not only works but brings the Yahoo and AOL comments through which I didn't get before. 
Thanks for the suggestions and links and help with my curtain search.  Vermont Country Store does indeed offer some of the most popular curtains from Country Curtains.  Jane's Plain and Simple are not muslin, but an easy care blend of the style I have now and come with tiebacks.  Decisions decisions. 
Why stitch a reproduction if I am going to change it?  Because I can.  And for most of them, I do not care.  She had her shot and made it the way she preferred, now it's my turn.  The larger samplers like Lucy Redd and Sally Fiske have only minor color changes but a small piece like Ann Greanawalt, quite a few.  On a higher count linen, Ann would do nicely on a hornbook style mount, but I may move the top flowers directly above her name and abandon the top alphabet.  Perfect for a door or knob hanger size.  We'll see.  The other change?  I picture it stitched in faded blue (like GAST Uniform Blue) with rusty red flowers.  Again, too many colors is distracting to me.  The more I envision it my way, the more enticing it is to pick up that needle.
I hope to have the velvet inserts done today in the little heart boxes and will offer them this weekend with the last three sampler boxes.  Yesterday was such a fudged up day I wanted to scream.  But Mark said it would not be much higher of a pitch than my usual speech. 
Have a good day!!


Rugs and Pugs said...

I will have to check out the fix when I have a few moments to spare. I just don't know where my time goes!!!

Weekend-Windup said...

Have a nice day!

Jeannine520 said...

I'm not sure if you have a Restoration Hardware near you or not but if so, I'd check out their panels in person and see if one of them won't work out for you. You can also shop online and make returns online also. My mom bought panels that are a lightweight Belgian linen that have the look I think you're going for. They came in different widths, lengths and don't have any synthetic fibers in them, they come in a good number of natural colors also. Good luck in your search.

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