Jun 29, 2018

Easier to choose colors

when there are only four.  The top flowers will be 3777, her name is done in 3787, and the alpha will be GAST Soot.  My skein is more blue than gray, used, and I'm hoping there is enough for completion.  The green stem stitch and leaves will be chosen after more is stitched.  Maybe a very light green would look better than what I'm planning, so I'll wait to see. 
 I have several smalls done on very dark linen (my usual favorite), and the designs are not too noticeable because of minimal contrast.  I didn't want that to happen here, and I debated between a lighter tan and this 32 count unbleached Belfast.  After the first row is stitched I will step back and see how this looks before proceeding.
My favorite dark linen pieces had plenty of color for contrast and stand out easily.
Dorothy Allen by R&R and  Barrick Sampler's 1848 (abbreviated). 
Household tips - put your Bar Keeper's Friend (the best thing on earth for stainless steel sinks and pots) in a Parmesan cheese container.  So much easier to use than the canister.
For wood filler and spackling that always dries out, lay plastic wrap (heavier the better) over and press down on to the material to seal. Cleaning the excess from the sides and sealing the material allows it to stay pliable for much longer.

Have a good weekend!


Robin in Virginia said...

What a great tip for the empty parmesan cheese container! Love it and thank you! I like the thread colors on that linen. Enjoy your day, Marly!

Maureen said...

Yes, thank you for the barkeepers friend tip. That canister is no friend of mine although I do count all that shaking as exercise.

Jacqueline said...

Glad to see you are stitching. !

Sandy Longan-Miller said...

The lids from the Parmesan containers also fit perfectly on a regular mouth Ball Mason jar.

Barb said...

Your new little design is using colors I love. Thanks for the tips. I love barkeepers friend!! I use it all the time for many different things!!

deb said...

I like your color changes for Ann (she's such a sweet sampler) and it's looking great so far.

Great tips - including the probably inadvertent one that there's a spackle-plus-primer product! We've been putting plastic directly on the joint compound lately, and also learned that a small amount of Dawn along with a small amount of bleach mixed into the bucket keeps it from getting nasty between projects.

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