Jun 24, 2018

The final box

One of my favorites from all the freebies I've charted and offered.  And I gave it away, so I plan to stitch it again.   I may keep this box for myself, but after a friend chooses her gift from these four, I will offer the rest.  Probably the same time as the wooden heart boxes.  I though it would look good with a grayish blue box and if another one shows up in one of my piles, I'll try it.  But I think I've exhausted the inventory.
The last week of June.  AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lou said...

Just beautiful !!!!

C M Designs said...

Love this box.
Thinking of you and all you've been doing.
June is almost over........a week is like a day anymore.
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

Margaret said...

I agree -- can't believe it's almost July. Didn't this year just begin??? (Love the boxes btw.)

Mary said...

I love that 1776 box no wonder you want to keep it. June always flies by so much to do in June. Graduations, yard work , so many projects seem to start with "in the summer" we can blah blah that! I have a bureau I want to chalk paint that will have to go in the garage to start, see what I mean.

Carol said...

Can't really believe July is six days away--say it's not so!! Life is really speeding up as we get older, isn't it? Love that 1776 box--and all of them, really :)

Hope your day is a good one, Marly!

Barb said...

Your boxes are wonderful. I happily own several!!

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