Jul 12, 2018

The baby on my mind

Months ago as I was leaving a local store, I made it a point to take a peek at the baby as I passed a stroller.   I get so emotional so quickly and I was in tears by the time I reached the doors.  I wondered who he was, did he have two parents, siblings, does he laugh a lot, was he in pain, and thought of him often. Today I received an announcement of a benefit for this same child.  Now I know who he is, and have seen the trauma inflicted to his tiny body by the necessary surgeries. 
The event is this weekend for the little guy and I'm assuming he lives in my township.  Can I go?  No.  I cannot.  I am tearing as I type this.  For some reason my emotions at times, for certain things, cannot be controlled and I certainly do not want to be a moosh moosh around others celebrating this child.  So I will just donate toward the activities or send the family a check.  And I can keep up with his progress and surgeries now that I know more about him.  He has a loving family and siblings, and I feel for the many children with difficulties that do not. 
Sitting quietly this evening.  The hour+ of intense heat from burning the 10 foot long cedar boards was too much and I didn't realize I could develop heat exhaustion.  Did not pass out, but pretty close.  It took a couple hours to stop sweating, even with a cool shower, air conditioning, and icy towels on my neck.  Still have the headache and that stupid Tylenol does nothing.  When will they develop a blood thinner that can be taken with Advil?
Nitzy is locked and loaded inside, tomorrow morning will be very difficult.  He will be crying to go out and I'm sure continue when he is in the carrier.   I hope he will attempt to use the litter box before we leave in late morning.  How this brat will react at the doctor's will certainly not be cordial.


Mary A said...

Take care Marly. I am like you. In certain situations, I just lose it. Our emotions are close to the surface. Better that way than the inability to empathize. Good luck with Nitzy. Sending good thoughts for you both!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Poor Luke. My heart breaks for him. There is no way I could attend the event either. I would totally have a breakdown crying. Many years ago when I was married, there was an annual Christmas party for kids with a variety of problems we would attend. The kids were all so happy and I would sit there fighting back the tears. I finally had to quit going.
Good luck at the vet today.
Oh, and BTW...your flowers are just gorgeous!

C M Designs said...

Praying for this little boy and his family.
Praying for strength for you today. Hoping all will go well.
I understand about kitties and carriers and Vet trips and sick babies.
I went out yesterday morning, loaded with a bucket of bleach/water and my broom.
Had algae that had grown on my white chimney. The chimney is between my deck and my house.
Scrubbed that and my deck floor before 9:00 a.m. Was not hot, nice breeze blowing.
Looks so much better......the bright white of the bricks almost blinds me. LOL. And I had a headache after the cleaning was over. Better now.
It WAS a beautiful red brick until two men, hired to stain my deck, got white stain on
the fire place. I was sick about it.

Anonymous said...

Bless that little fellow...and his loving family. You know, we are all here for some purpose, and perhaps Luke's purpose to is to engender compassion and love in others, as well as humility. Thank you for sharing this beautiful little life, Marly!

~~~Nancy of The Bonnie White Hare

Mugwump Woolies said...

Sometimes, I think, these special little people come into the world with the sole purpose of making the rest of us better.
Bravo, Luke.

debbie haggard said...

as much as they can be inconvenient, I believe the easy rush of our tears is what defines us as human and as a uniquely compassionate person. best of luck with Nitzy today; hoping for some solid answers and solutions.

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