Jul 27, 2018


hour upon hour working out a layout for a small area of the front.  My landscaper (who does not want to look into a camera and has cut off his long locks) is here and what I planned, he questioned.  So we went back and forth on layout of the barn stone, whether the stone should be two high, or whether a two high split rail on top of the stone would be best.  Angled?  Didn't work.  Ninety degree instead of forty five?  Didn't work.  I let him make the decision since whatever he does, I get to watch.  Make him happy.  So he chose a rounded outline to compensate for all the square edges in our house and yard.  Have no idea what will go in it, but as he works on it, I can see he was right.  Jason, my eyeful, said don't worry about whether you like the stone wall or not because in a few years you'll be ready for a nursing home anyway.  Yes, the good looking bastard has a great sense of humor.


All those wonderful flat stones had to be removed because they started to break into layers, not safe, and requiring continual maintenance.  They are gone and will be replaced with stamped concrete.  Very sorry to see them go.
He brought the new worker with him, the only one he could get to do labor.  Very nice young man.
And every time I look at my guy, his helper is doing this.  EVERY time.  Finally he asked him who the hell he is communicating with constantly.  His answer - "oh I'm not using my phone because I'm not replying to anyone while working, just checking with the family group". 
He told me what it would cost to move the massive stones at the front door and recommended we just have him raise and level them.  Go ahead dear, whatever you want.

The boys are done with the vet and seem to be doing well.

Missy is a little brat and continues to be a total brat when inside the house.

Andersen came out Tuesday and replaced all the sashes so I started painting them (exterior) yesterday.  Yes I know they are maintenance free but they are extremely dark and I wanted them to match the house.  If that becomes an issue with a buyer in the future, too bad. 

My brother continues to have rock hard swelling from the cat bite all the way up his forearm.  Still can't move the fingers very well and much pain.  On Augmentin, finishing today, seeing a surgeon Tuesday about a cyst and will talk to him about it.  I read that if the tooth pierced the tendon sheath, surgery is usually required to remove the bacteria.  We just know that it is not getting better after 10 days of treatment.

I'm having a DEXA scan Monday to please my PITA doctor.  I told her I refuse to take the meds for osteoporosis treatments.  Originally we were told that you can never stop taking them.  Now they recommend after taking them for several years to stop, allow your body to do its thing, and be reevaluated.  Doc said she would treat me with diet.  There damn well better be calcium in Dove dark.  I'm drinking a ton of water in order to hopefully get a good number on the kidney function tests, also Monday.

Hope your week went well.  Mine sure was full.  And I can't believe summer is almost over!!!  AUGH!!!!!!!!



3millplainrd said...

Even if he cut his hair and won't look at the camera a picture would have been appreciated! I would force that helper to turn the phone in until quitting time. Ridiculous. So happy the kitties are doing well, I was as worried about them as if they were my own.

debbie haggard said...

Always an adventure at your house Marly! glad the kitties are doing well, and stamped/stained concrete is a wonderful thing- i love mine. i hope your brother gets the correct medical help very soon for that bite.

Anonymous said...

Marly,sorry your bro is having a tough time. Cat bites are nasty. My cat got symptomatic with Bartonella, transmitted to cats from fleas. There are different strains that respond to different antibiotics. Big bucks and vet stays. It causes cat scratch fever in people. 60% of cats have it in their blood and mouths but never get symptoms from it. They have other nasty stuff in their mouths too. Docs/vets now think it is more common than was thought. House looks great. Glad your furr balls are doing better. Your Nitzy girl looks like my furrball, it's the Calico in them, they are busy and smart.

C M Designs said...

0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 From Pippa walking on the keyboard............
Personally, I don't like your "eye fulls" sense of humor and as for his help, he'd be gone in a heart beat.
He is a good looking guy though.
I think the split rail would look nice some where in the project. Just my opinion.
Sorry about your brother. Had to have tetanus shot when my dog bit my hand (years ago). I still have trouble bending my fore finger on my right hand.
Take care and have a good Sunday and week ahead. Will pass the pictures on to you know who.......she'll flip.
Charlotte in Va.

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