Aug 18, 2018

Saturday draw

Sorry I'm late but you probably didn't even remember the draw was at noon.  At Carole's all morning, slight improvement.  I put her compression stockings on and thank goodness for the latex gloves.  HUGE difference in being able to grab and pull them without pinching.
Anyway, can someone give me a hint about using Random.  After scrambling the names with the List Randomizer, I can't get to the number generator without printing the newly scrambled list.  Is there an easier way?  Email entries brought the total to 52, and this was the number chosen.

It belongs to Anonymous JL.  Please email me with your gift choice and address.
Thanks for playing along!!


Terri Patillo said...

When I have a giveaway, I use Giveaway Tools -- -- Just ask one question such as WHAT IS YOUR NAME and it's easy peasy to generate a winner. The app will also email the winner for you!

debbie haggard said...

Hooray for JL! Congratulations!

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