Aug 3, 2018

Sorry - me again!

Nervous Mervous.  Me and Monkey Mona (brat Missy who is in here driving me nuts).  When I'm nervous I start many things at one time, make a mess, get upset because nothing is organized or completed, and then throw it all out.  In between the mess, I grab the laptop.  That's you.  Hiya.  One of the things I actually did accomplish was making a box to fit this sampler I plan to sell.  I have searched for weeks and there are no boxes long enough for it without being much too high and wide.  My Amazon shipment came in and I hacked away with glue and tape in hand.  Not pretty, but functional.
Carole is still in ICU and short of breath.  No fluid in her lungs, her heart is causing the problem.  A doctor came in and explained to her that she cannot leave because they are very concerned about the sepsis which is quite serious right now.  Two artificial knees are a huge concern and if they become infected, will need to be replaced.  They still act like anesthesia is not a big deal.
The doctor we were told was to perform the GB removal Monday, said he will do it after the stone removal.  The stone removal doctor is off for a week and said the GB will be removed first.  Dammit.  They are both top notch respected surgeons, happy with both, but what the hell???  I am very glad because she is in no condition to be put under for a second time within a few days.  Recovery from this episode is needed.  She has no idea what is going on other than an additional IV in the other arm, trying to get the sepsis under control.  If this does settle in those knees, I don't even want to think about it.  My concern is her breathlessness.
In the meantime, my doctor office calls and informs me I must be seen now because the DEXA scan was over the borderline and we must discuss which medication I want.  My hips are fine and the spine is right at the cutoff number between osteopenia and osteoporosis. I bluntly told her that we discussed this, I said from the beginning I will not take meds for this now, and she agreed to try diet if necessary.  Obviously I can't trust her word.  I am tired of being pushed with scare tactics into drugs I do not see the need for.  She's done this with other conditions. But if I want 30 Ativan pills once a year for times such as these, she wants counseling first. I think it's time to move on.
Hope your Friday is going swell.

Sorry for the multiple rambling posts.  But it helps.


Terri Patillo said...

I am praying for you: comfort, peace, rest, and relief from worry and stress.

debbie haggard said...

Feel free to ramble and vent and decompress as much and as often as you need to on this blog- consider it a form of a journal. Putting your frustrations and feelings into words and sentences helps heal the soul and is good medicine. Continuing virtual hugs and prayers for all of you.

kelley said...

Ramble away...first let me say you are such a wonderful sister...wishing all the best for Carole...sepsis is nothing to mess around with...most doctors are impossible to deal with in so many ways...having their minds made up and not listening to what you know... I feel your pain with the meds for amount of counseling helps with unrelenting family stress...hugs

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Marly, ramble away! I think you should consider it good therapy; you can ramble, vent and get it off your chest. Still praying!

glenmckin said...

I no longer suffer from osteoporosis because it was discovered that I had a parathyroid tumor (benign) found in a thyroid scan. My calcium levels in blood tests were unacceptable. Your doctor can order/perform a blood test for Parathyroid Hormone.
The same day surgery was a breeze, very small incision in front of my neck. I have no scar. I also took vitamin D in small doses, not the 50,000 units. My endochronologist said to stop drinking carbonated beverages and my DEXA scan for hips that looked like "swiss cheese" might improve. They improved because the tumor was removed and calcium was not leeching out of my bones any longer.

Pam in IL said...

Sending {{{HUGS}}} and keeping you and Carole in my thoughts and prayers.

Truus said...

Oh Marly tell us about all the things you are bothering for--it helps a lot of stress away.
I'm so sorry for Carole and all your trouble--have a huge HUG from me!
Praying that the doctors will listen and do what right is for Carole and you.
Greetings,Truus from Holland

Heritage Hall said...

Ramble on, dear heart, you have it coming... The medical profession has become so
disjointed and stressed that we are subjected to an exercise in frustration when
trying to deal with them or get straight answers. You are not seeking Nirvana, just
relief from this relentless stress and I would have a come to Jesus meeting with that Dr. who suggested long does that take? when you need to
defuse now? You and Carole are being surrounded by ongoing prayers until all of this
is resolved.

Merry Wind Farm said...

You are not rambling, we are all anxiously waiting for updates! You have so much on your plate at the moment. I hope that Carol and your brother and everything else will improve soon.

Anonymous said...

Marly, Hopefully with the stent in and the infection gets under control, things can settle down around that GB and buy some time to heal, get Carol's condition better to remove later time. Prayers for healing for Carol and you.

Maureen said...

No need for you to say sorry. If talking here for us to read helps you even just a little, then ramble away! Prayers continue!

C M Designs said...

We're here to read and listen if you need to "ramble". Having a loved one ill and in the hospital is not an easy situation to go through......I know !
As for yourself, take care because Carole needs you and you need to be well for yourself, Mark and your kitties. No pressure.
Sending hugs and prayers.
Charlotte in Va.

Annmarie said...

I was hoping you would post an glad you did. Hope there is improvement for all, including you. Prayers continue, of course.

Margaret said...

Carole is lucky you are there to advocate for her through all this. I totally understand the stress you are going through. It's never easy to support a loved one through a health crisis. Make sure to take it easy on yourself and watch for your own health as well. Continued good thoughts and prayers.

JustGail said...

No apologies for rambling needed, better to do a bit of venting and ranting here than begin removing body parts from arrogant medical people. It sounds to me like that anesthesiologist is stressing about a possible lawsuit. Which he should be if he didn't read, and take seriously, her record about anesthesia.

Besides, I'd rather you kept us updated, than post something like "it's hit the fan with Carole" and then post nothing until weeks later, and we read how stressed out you'd been and how Carole is doing.

Sending good thoughts to you and to Carole.

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