Sep 18, 2018

Extra extras

After counting the charts sold, putting them in recipient piles, double and triple checking, even stuffing the mailing envelopes of buyers, I kept coming up with several charts left over.  This was driving me nuts.  Who would have thought that some designs were duplicates?  Never dawned on me!  I finally got it straight and I hope when you open your envelopes, the right charts are in there!!
Bud is enjoying what is left of warm sunny days. 
The last of our tomatoes aren't ripening properly yet aren't green enough to fry.  The final zucchini was picked.  All that's left are hot peppers and I have no intention of canning this year.  Stuff and freeze, saute with onion and sausage, chop and freeze for chili.  Chili.  Damn.  It's coming way too quick for me.
I tore off the rail and wainscot for two days figuring if I can't decide on a second color for all the trim, do away with it.  So I did. We planned on changing it to a different style anyway so once the walls are painted, maybe we will.  But it sure looks minimalistic and clean cut without it.  Even with 37 color samples on the walls.  So maybe we won't.

Went to the cemetery today to add fall flowers and a candle to my parents' grave.  Today is their anniversary.  As always, when removing the stationary vase liners filled with silk flowers on each side of the stone, I am concerned about hidden spiders.  I keep a large bag in the car to hold them just in case some creepy would escape into my car.  When we got home and I asked Mark to remove the flowers from the inserts, he found nothing.  Until he decided to shake the bag.  Inside was the biggest fricking spider I have seen in a long time.  Needless to say, he is no longer with us.  If that bag wasn't tied shut and he entered my car, either the vehicle or my heart would have crashed. 
Hope everyone is safe and getting through the result of Florence.
September is more than half over.  I'm like a spoiled child having a tantrum.
Thanks for visiting.


Mary Kaeding said...

Thanks for all of the effort you put into the sale - I', looking forward to my new charts!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to write on your blog, Marly. It`s so enjoyable to read about your many "adventures" - you have a wonderful knack of making the mundane seem interesting and funny!

C M Designs said...

Always makes me sad to visit my Mom and husband's grave. My Dad is buried in Cuba, New York. Can't visit his grave and that makes me sad too.
So glad the spider stayed inside the bag.
I'm sure you did a good job of sorting and bagging the charts. I have many of the ones you sold. Have enjoyed stitching them so much. The Santas are the most fun of any I've done.
Take care.
Charlotte in Va.

Ms Peppercorn said...

No wonder you dislike selling. It is always more involved than you want it to be. We realize you take the hit for your readers. I must admit that I feel badly about the spider though. I wish Mark would have just released him/ her.

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