Oct 11, 2018

The golden eye

Greetings folks.  Yesterday I met with a new friend and was gifted white pumpkins.  We talked about stitching and she added to the spark I've been feeling, and told me she was sorry that she got rid of her stitching supplies when she thought she would never go back to it.  Making me reconsider that also.  She mentioned a needle (Pat's favorite needle) with a gold eye and she loves it.  I do have some that I like better than others but thought I should look them up and order a few.  Checking online was confusing since there are several gold plated needles, but few with only the eye plated.  Clover is one, but not in size 26.  I did find "Pat's favorite needle" on Etsy but I wonder who manufactures it.
 I bought a green, yellow, and apricot pumpkin from the "odd" group and do like the colors.  So along with the two whites, I'm pleased with the grouping.  I put the cedar bench Mark constructed on the newly stained front deck.  You don't realize how old your muscles and bones are until you kneel and stretch while applying with a brush.  The roller would have deposited too much of the very dark stain.
We've had wooden pieces leave marks on the wood decks and no matter how I seal the open end grain, the leg always draw in the rain and wetness and start rotting.  So I purchased several packs of these plastic chair glides, nail attached, and added them to all the deck sitting pieces to keep them up and dry.  The white can be seen at certain angles but that's OK.
Another gifted pumpkin from yesterday.  Its form and large size is striking and simple.

I have a Dairy Queen coupon so guess where I'm going for a peanut buster parfait or walnut sundae?  Decisions decisions. 
Have a good day!
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Love your FALL porch decor and especially that white pumpkin in your last photo ... very nice...
It is time to say enjoy your weekend.
We are kicking back as hubs dug 6 holes for more plants and trees. Now he is FLAT on his back. He is his own worse enemy and stubborn.
PEACE for all and pray for our new SCOTUS, Barb

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Your porch looks lovely with the white mums and those pumpkins!! I really want to get some but have put it off because it was so hot! Now it is the perfect weather but I have too much going on and won't be able to get to the store till next week!! Guess it is better late than never!!
So happy you talked to someone who encouraged you to hang on to your stitching things!! You are SO TALENTED and I hate to see you get rid of things you will be sad about later!! Hope you become inspired again and just try to take baby steps!! Oh, I also love that second pumpkin, too! Reminds me of the ones I just made that are orange velvet!!
Enjoy that sundae or parfait!! Hot fudge is my favorite!!!!
Have a great week!
Heart Hugs~

C M Designs said...

Love all of your pumpkins and bench.
I hope you never stop stitching. So glad you talked to someone who may change your mind about that.
Have fun at DQ.
Have a wonderful, chilly, Fall weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Jacqueline said...

Our weather has changed and is great for stitching. Hope you get back in the grove.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Dairy Queen - try the pumpkin pie blizzard. You will thank me for this.

Sherry said...

Love the white pumpkins. The little flat one is my favorite. Definitely try the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at DQ. I could not get rid of my stitching supplies. I did that with my quilting supplies and regret it every day!

Vickie said...

ooOoo! The white pumpkins are nice Marly, but that "odd" pumpkin, WAY COOL!! Love it!

Sara said...

Love the pumpkin!

The needle is by Pat Carson of Designs by Gloria & Pat. I know in the beginning people could email her directly to buy, according to her posts I have seen on FB. I think you could order just a few that way (maybe??, may be old info). Otherwise places like 123stitch carry them in 25 packs for around $24. No idea about Etsy.

I haven't tried them.

Betsy's Stitches said...

You possibly have already learned, but I was at a stitching retreat last weekend. During the retreat there was a discussion about needles. The discussion about Pat's Favorite Needle was that they are manufactured in Germany. Hope that this helps. I have had them ordered for some time, but I am really happy with a needle that was given to me while I was on a river cruise at a stop in Strasbourg. The needle guilds so easily through the fabric. The eye is a bit large that results in the needle become un-threaded. Sort of annoying, but never the less they are my favorite needle. Take care! Hope the DQ was worth it. Been on a keto/paleo diet since July. It is difficult at first, but before long it becomes a habit.

Carol said...

Love your fall outdoor display, Marly--it looks very peaceful :) And I really love the last photo of the flatter white pumpkin. Good to hear that your new friend got you to really think about getting rid of your stitching supplies... I'd love to see more beautiful works spring from your needle!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

My favorite needles also have golden eyes - Fons & Porter and I buy them at Joannes!

moosecraft said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Marly, The photos you shared are beautiful of your new room with beams. I'm so happy for you. The views looking into the room are stunning. The white pumpkin is perfect. Mark's bench with your Fall display of pumpkins and mums is very pretty. Thank you for sharing your struggles and triumphs with the re-model. I have so enjoyed following along. Can't wait to see more. Take care. SAH

Truus said...

Love the way you did display your pumpkins on the bench with that big plant.
Don't get rid of your charts fabrics etc from your stitching!
M needle is thin and a little bit longer than 1 inch with a big eye so there is less difficulty to go through the fabric when stitching. And my fingers are stiff and painfull but in this way I can stitch a while ever day.
Take care Marly
Greetings Truus from the Netherlands

Margaret said...

It's always nice to meet people IRL. I say, having not done so. :D Love how your room and your porch are looking!

Louann said...

1-2-3 Stitch sells Pat’s favorite needles, but you have to buy 25 of them.

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