Nov 8, 2018

And we have cupboards

Wow.  These babies are heavy.  Poor Dominic could barely hold up his end when bringing them into the house.  They are 4 foot wide and almost 6 tall.  I could not wait to put a basket on top.  My dark brown crocks/jugs or baskets will be displayed there.  Shelves for crocks or baskets to hold items will be made for between them beneath the window so the entire wall be utilitarian.
Lots of storage inside. They will be attached to the wall, painted the same white with more black hardware.  He doesn't have the shelves made yet and that's OK.  Lots of work on my part to ready them for paint. 
The interior is finished but there are door details that need some attention and sanding.  Dom is not used to my style and makes beautiful kitchens, but they are overlay profiled doors, all finished and ready for installation.  He didn't even know what an H hinge is and has never done inset or plank doors.  I'm not complaining because at least he was willing to come out and doesn't turn down jobs.  These details don't detract from the strength and utility of the cupboards.

As for the antique sampler, if anyone held a copyright it would have been the stitcher for the design she created, which expires at death + a number of years and can be transferred to others.  If it's a family heirloom and the rights were passed to them, that's different.  But if it's not your work, you cannot apply for a copyright.  Technically, the chart I created for the pony wallet could have been sold by me.  The wallet owner cannot hold a copyright on the antique, but requested I do not sell the chart so I obliged.  Many pieces do not identify the creator or the location.  If you tangibly work out a pattern for a piece, such can be copyrighted as yours, but not the actual piece.  The image you prepare or photos you take of anything are products of your work, are tangible, and can also be copyrighted if you choose.  Not reproducing, selling, profiting from what you are creating from something you have seen, and there is no way to determine the author or any applied copyright, I cannot see the harm.  But if you wanted to make several and sell them, who are you infringing upon?  You can't copy someone's photo, frame it, and sell it.  But they don't hold the rights to the subject in the photo unless it is from their hands.  And needlework is a different medium than a copyrighted photo, which opens up a new discussion.  Antique furniture pieces, quilts, weavings, have all been reproduced and many to be sold.  The laws are extensive and defined, but also confusing and sometimes impossible to verify when old pieces are involved.  An interesting article on patterns (relating to clothing) is here.  And I'm assuming that quilting, furniture, and other items may be considered in the same category.  An example from the site....
photo of vintage sewing pattern

Here, while the drawing of the dress may be considered a creative expression of the author and therefore eligible for copyright protection, the pattern instructions and any dress made from the pattern would not be protected by copyright.

How confusing is that????  I've checked many sites and Googled until the cats came home, there is a lot of info out there.  Sellers may post a legal notice about their work and when you agree to their terms and conditions of usage, that is binding.
I need to go play with the paint again or Mark is going to the store and coming home with basic white.  Poor guy has been living with painted plywood pieces at every angle for a loooooooong time.
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Rugs and Pugs said...

Copyright issues are so confusing and everyone has a differing opinion!
Those are going to be great cupboards! I look forward to seeing them painted.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cupboards, can`t wait to see pictures of the finished room!

Mary said...

I knew the copyright issue would be confusing, again I think if you do for yourself who would know anyway. It would never be exact anyway. Like you can paint the Mona Lisa and make it smaller and its is just a copy not a forgery. Nice cupboards lots of storage too.

Maryann Olsaver said...

Love the cupboards - so much wonderful storage :-)

Robin in Virginia said...

Marly, I love your cupboards/cabinets. They are gorgeous.

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