Nov 17, 2018

The pony

Hi folks.  Thought you might like to see the adaptation by Pam Gill ( of the infamous pony wallet we all saw on Pinterest.  It's not easy to recreate from a photo!   I really like her addition of another pony to the front.  And I so love her offerings.
Oh - I made a box for those gourds, most fit, a few are too long.  But the box is 3# and oversize and a lot to ship.  Can't win.  So they are in the attic.
I may be gone for a bit.  Can't explain what's happening, not sure where it's coming from.  Restless, emotional, sad, unsettled, getting to the point where I am accomplishing very little and if I do, questioning why I bothered.  Weird weird.  Yes I'm sure the issues with finding trades people and having things in upheaval for too long may be part of it, but I have to ask, why the hell are they so important in the first place?  So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and hope to return with something to show, or explain, or announce, or share, or giveaway, or rant about.  Any guesses which?

BTW, I did a little something to the PS charts to recognize them if they showed up on Ebay for much more than I offered, and some have.  Am I ticked?  Yep.
Thanks for visiting.


kelley said... my they say, this too shall pass, maybe
like a kidney stone, but it shall pass...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Pam's pony wallet is wonderful!
Best of luck with whatever you choose. Life can sometimes be tough.
Hugs ❤️

Heritage Hall said...

Talented Pam. Great reproduction.
Marly, your mood is nothing that a Jason visit couldn't fix...getting the work done
and watching him do
Me thinks the world is somewhat in upheaval and now the
holiday rush is upon everyone. Do what moves you and set
aside those things that can wait until you are ready to face
them squarely. Just appalling, but not surprising, about the charts
on eBay... So sorry your kindness was not paid forward... Don't
stop; just strike that party off your nice list... May you and
yours have a most blessed Thanksgiving.

Jacqueline said...

I hope you find some peace and happiness...this too shall pass. Just hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Marly, I think most everyone is a little stressed out these days just watching the daily news. And, on top of that, winter set in early and we didn't have a fall! I hope you can relax and maybe pick up a needle. Just despicable that some of the Prairie Schoolers ended up on Ebay. Shame on them! I'm enjoying stitching the Santas in St. Nicholas II. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Cherie in WI

3millplainrd said...

I have been gifted with some charts and would never ever sell them for money. Re-gifting is OK. I understand how you feel, but it may seem trite, but when I feel that way, I have to think about the fact that I am not a refuge with barely the clothes I wear, I do not live in an oppressed country, I am physically healthy, etc. I think all the time about how lucky we are to live in this country, even with it's terrible problems.

Nancy said...

Wish you well. Those feelings come and go but it takes a toll. You have had a lot going on. You need a break. Looking forward to reading your blog again. Have a happy thanksgiving and the best for the rest of the holidays.

Truus said...

A big hug for you Marly and wish you all the best there is.
It was /is a though time with all the problems you did solved and still have to.
Take care of yourself!
Love the purse with the pony's.
Happy Thanksgiving
Greetings, Truus from Holland

CathieJ said...

Happy Thanksgiving and hugs. Take care.

C M Designs said...

Thinking of you and wishing you and your family a pleasant Thanksgiving.
I totally understand how you're feeling. Wish I knew the answer to
relief of the weight of the world on shoulders.
Big hugs, will miss you.
Charlotte in Va.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marly, I have so enjoyed the photos you have shared recently. I cannot begin to say how much I love reading your blog and I will miss your posts until you return. You are an inspiration and a talented lady. I wish you and Mark a very Happy Thanksgiving. Good luck with the decorating and organizing. Take care. SAH

Robin in Virginia said...

Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving! Thinking of you!

Vickie said...

Aww Marly it just stinks about the PS charts. I totally understand. I have been giving charts away for years on my blog. I cannot recall seeing ONE person stitch up what I gave them. And I have given away expensive charts to be kind. And I keep on. Hoping. I must be really stupid.

I hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving Marly!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
The pony wallet is just beautiful and I have long admired it! Thank you for sharing her rendition!
I know that life can be so draining and things happen to steal our joy and energy and am hoping that you will just take some time for YOU this season and get some well deserved and needed rest!!
Wishing you and Mark a Most Blessed Thanksgiving!!
Heart Hugs~

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I hope all gets better for you, this time of year is hard on me I keep busy just to stay sane.
I am not sure what you have up your sleeve but am looking forward to your next blog post.
We are having our cabinets refaced in January, it will be a test, they said a week long project and I have a small kitchen.
I might need to take a getaway just to be away from the stress.


moosecraft said...

Ha! Great idea! It bugs me when someone tries to be nice (offering those charts at an affordable price) and then folks take advantage of them! Those charts could have gone to someone who actually wanted to stitch them (but could not afford eBay prices)! Yeesh!
I hope you are able to talk with someone that can help you... maybe it is something that can be helped with nutrition...or, maybe it is something that is a result of how much you are responsible for (and they can suggest methods of coping)... you're involved in so many complicated situations... hugs!

Diane Prenatt said...

Hi, Marly. I so sympathize with your feelings right now. It's a hard time of year and a hard time in history. I hope you'll find joy and peace this holiday season in the beautiful world of nature and created things. (PS It's disillusioning to discover people making a profit from your generosity. I wish you'd chart your spotted pony wallet and offer the chart for sale. Is that possible? I don't know the origin of that design, but I gather you drafted it from a photo of an old item. I've looked for a chart to buy, but none seems to be available.)

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Marly, wishing you hope and peace at this time of the holiday season....sweet wallet, love the colours.Blessings Francine.

Cheryl said...

I feel exactly like your describing and have those thoughts. Please share when you find an answer. I keep working on projects and pray all through the day.

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