Dec 18, 2018

With two cats in the box

See the nicely padded large cuddly empty soft hut?   See the brats trying to squeeze into one box?  Looks like Missy is left out.
She eventually got in and a quick smackdown took place.  They all got a little catnip and as I was crushing it in my fingers to sprinkle, they almost took my hand off.  After some tail chasing and carpet rolling and water spillage, Nit proceeded to harass Missy.  He gets aggressive when the buzz wears off. 
Don't we all.


LaNelle said...

Oh too funny...never a dull moment have a good day!

Vickie said...

No takers on the nice, padded, soft hut bed???

Jacqueline said...

Oh so true.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Just like kids!

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Trying to lose a hand. Too funny. hugs

Mary A said...

Yep, once the buzz is gone, time for some come-to-Jesus reality! Mine just drool all over the carpet and lay there glassy eyed. Not a bad way to go!

Anonymous said...

Marly,a bigger box! LOL! Cats are the best and you have quite a line up.

C M Designs said...

Our kitties love boxes. We have one big enough for me to get in for Sheldon. It has holes cut in for windows.
Pippa likes to sleep in a shoe box. They will even wiggle their bodies into the Fancy Feast boxes.
We don't do catnip here. Don't like to see them act "stupid" when they have had a toy with it.
Sheldon is the domineering one here. Every once in a while Pippa will sneak up on him and smack his "butt" and run like the wind. So cute.
Love to see pictures of your fur babies.
Charlotte in Va.

diamondc said...

Marly: So cute and so funny.
I love seeing my Blondie when she gets her catnip.

Merry Christmas

Margaret said...

Catching up on blogs again. I hope you are feeling better by now after your accident with the flagstones. Yikes! And your nephew's girlfriend -- OMG! How awful! And what a helpless situation to be in too (in terms of convincing the nephew of the girlfriend's issues). Hope it all gets straightened out. As for the cats, of course they would all want the box. Don't you know cats? lol!

Truus said...

Cats are all the same! Here they both don't ly together but with a small box in the room they will both in that box.
Cats. ....I will never understand them. lol
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

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