Mar 14, 2019

Revisit part 3

These two should have been on the under 6" post but it was fairly photo heavy.
Stacy Nash Handwork Club 1820 Redwork Pinkeep, and Stacy Nash girl's club Peacock Peacock.
More of Stacy Nash, County Sampler Love is All Pinkeep.  This one shown was a giveaway won by Julie, the second one I stitched in the same linen but the backing fabric is different.  I think.  And Sheepish Design Rosanna Pinkham finished with a felted wool pouch and blanket stitching.

Threads of Gold Anna Eliza Abe sampler.  The pink house's stitching looked uneven and wonky in the original so I stitched blocks going horizontal and vertical trying to recreate the look.  Lightly aged using Ranger Archival ink pad in coffee and a very soft brush.  One of my absolute favorites, R&R's Dorothy Allen.  The photo on the chart features very light linen and light threads, completely different look with the dark Sea Glass linen.  I have many charts that are not appealing at all from their attached photos, you sometimes have to look beyond.  Glad I did.

Another Stacy Nash, Malabar Farm Pinkeep and Scarlet Letter's Frances Bliss, offered along with Lydia Hinckley in one chart.  I didn't change six to sex, it was Frances!
R&R 1739 is another that doesn't catch your eye from the original's photo on the chart.  Love love love it.  May stitch again to sell.  The hanger is a strip of odd green wool that matches the DMC thread.  The other is my latest completion that I copied from a photo on eBay, no chart.  Can't get the colors to show well in photos.
That's it for smaller samplers.  So many others were stitched and no longer here, these are staying with me.  I do love the simplicity of marking samplers like Bliss, Hinkley, Allen, Robina.  If you love samplers but don't want to attempt a larger piece with motifs and elaborate borders, there are quite a few small projects out there.  Most featured here are OOP and some are really old, but there's always new ones offered.  Searching online without a local shop is really time consuming!  The first shops here carried Merrily Beams and those were the only samplers I ever saw before finding an ad in a magazine for The Scarlet Letter.  Later, two in Ohio were fabulous shops of linens and reproductions, that eventually closed.
I think I'm done!!
 I doubt I will do a post of the larger ones.


Unknown said...

simply beautiful! Very inspirational to see what you have done.
Why wouldn't you post the larger ones? I would enjoy seeing your work.
I don't think I will ever be able to do such fine work, but a needle is
a happy thing to have with some floss or thread, and quiet hours can be
spent with them making something lovely. Needlework is kind of like time
on a piece of cloth.
Thanks again,

Carol said...

I've really enjoyed your walk through memory lane over your past three posts, Marly--you've done so many beautiful finishes! I would love to see the larger ones, too, if you get the time :)

Robin in Virginia said...

Continuing to enjoy your walk through your past stitches! You have stitched some really delightful small samplers. I prefer the smaller in sized samplers so I do appreciate seeing yours. I, too, would love to see your larger samplers.

Vera said...

Just lovely Marly! Add my name to the growing list of folks who would enjoy seeing your larger samplers as well.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing everything you stitch, Marly. I love your small samplers as I have only stitched larger ones. Perhaps I have some smalls in my stash of patterns! I hope you're having some good days.
Cherie in WI

debbie haggard said...

I just need a heart button for 'LOVE' all of these!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok Girl....don’t be a tease. Of course you HAVE to post the larger ones now!! Dang it! You just whet our sampler appetite and now you’re going to starve us???? These are all so beautiful....I am a huge Stacy Nash fan.... But “Robina”??? Really?? I didn’t see that one, did I? Or did I just miss the name? I have never heard nor seen the name...except when I lived in Spain....that’s what they called me because they couldn’t say “Robin” LOL.... I just finished up a little St. Patrick’s Day tuck today....I filled it with crushed walnuts which has been one of my favorite “go-to” fillers....but looking at yours, I am thinking I like the straight lines of yours...and whatever you use for filling..... I love the heavy weight the shells give the tucks, and they are great for needles, but they make the piece dip in the center, ya know. Ok,’s been one of those over-analytical kind of days.... ~Robina~

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love these, especially the colours you have used.

Annmarie said...

Marly, Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing with us. It's very special. I can't pick a favorite - I love the variety. I haven't seen Peacock Peacock - LOVE
Have a good weekend!

Barb said...

That is a wonderful collection of small samplers! I don't mind motifs and borders but the over one is many larger samplers just kills me!

kelley said...

these are wonderful...I always did large samplers and now wish I had small simple ones...most of mine were gifted away...hugs

Rugs and Pugs said...

I, too, stitched Malabar Farm without the name but I'm thinking I did not stitch the scissors either. I should dig it out. Only the stitching is done...nothing more.

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