Mar 12, 2019


Some smalls.  I wish I would have kept track of what I gave away which would prevent current futile searches for what I thought I had.  There's a lot of I's in that sentence.
Found a bag of smalls, some I failed to remember having, and thought I would do a little revisit of these quick, easy, and simply finished samplers. 
The tiniest was the berry I just finished but that was sent off as a gift.  Two actually.  The next would be Pineberry Lane's Chums, stitched by a sweet buddy, and also by me several times.  Just adore this tiny design.  Next is the peacock from my pinkeep design, The Next Step Sampler by Needle's Prayse, stitched many times on various colors and counts, and The Scottish Initial Sampler by Chessie & Me.  When looking up the designer from previous posts, I found out I had a $50 anniversary giveaway a few years ago.  How could I forget that?  I did.
The two mini samplers on top are under the Free tab, my design (not bad huh?) and the heart is one of several I did from a real oldie, #13 Cricket Collection, Quilting Bee Hearts.
And of course, the design that started the Pear series, Historic Needlework Guild's Pears Two.  Look at all the over one for the alphabet and center motif!  I was brave when I was young, back when jawlines were tight and hormones were plentiful.
Then there were 12 more pears, all relinquished in giveaways except for two, and a few more very small pieces that are gone for one reason or another.
Going a little larger is everyone's love, Mary Little.  I don't know what it is about this simple small but it always makes me smile.
Next in size is Harriet Simpson and H. Kessel, both Chessie & Me.  I gave away both charts so I had to find a post about them for an ID.  And what did I find in that search?  The Peaches and Cream pie recipe (here).  Damn.  I have the cream cheese, need to get a large can of peaches!  But Robina Leadbetter, I remembered is from Needle Work Press.  She is done on 18th Century Seaglass from R&R.  All with color and other changes don't 'ya know.
I'll save some others for another day when I have nothing else to show.  I started another berry and wanted a little more size to it, so I thought 25 count would be a good idea.  Sold it.  But I kept all the linen banding of various counts, one being 25, and am using it.  Another will be stitched on 28 and hopefully a third on 30, all to be hung together.  This linen banding is heavier than my burlap.  DMC 3777 may be the red this time, the others were more dusty.  I will probably change it to 221.
That's all this Sjogren's crabass has for you.
Hope your week started well.


diamondc said...

Marly: What a great post, so many beautiful finish's.
I am loving the green box, so vintage looking.
I hope you are having better weather then we are, slight rain today then thunder storms in March here in Minnesota, but many times the weather man is wrong.


Barb said...

You have a great collection of wonderful small pieces. I like the way you displayed them in the box.

Truus said...

Love those little pieces you made.
From your freebee's I made several of them to display or for a gift.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Beautiful stitching!

C M Designs said...

It's the 13th of March already.. This month is almost half over.......where does the time go.
Love all of your stitched pieces. So happy to have one of your originals. Love it.
I hope your eyes are better and you're feeling okay.
Thinking of you.
Charlotte in Va.

Unknown said...

Thank you for showing us your 'smalls'. They are lovely!
My little one from you hangs in my dining room on my cupboard,and my daughter
seems to be very taken with it. She is often over there admiring it
when she visits. Was commenting on the 'q' yesterday.
Very inspirational..hope you are having improvement in your
eyes. We are expecting a lot of wind here in KS today with 60mph gusts.
Best to you,

Vickie said...

I enjoyed looking at your many smalls again. Especially that lovely pear.
Lots of rain here this week.
I have a left ear infection I am fighting. :(
I hope this week is going alright for you Marly. I look forward to seeing your berries!

Rugs and Pugs said...

So many wonderful finishes!

Maryann Olsaver said...

Love all your smalls Marly especially the peacock and of course Mary Little. Will start a search for those charts. Rainy and gloomy again here today

Maureen said...

Thank you Marly for this very sweet post....and with you not feeling well. You certainly have a giving heart.I keep you in my prayers.
I've noticed among stitchers, we LOVE looking almost, if not as much, as stitching. Appreciate you sharing yours :)

Vera said...

You do such fine work Marly. Your stitching is beautiful. I know because years ago I won a give-away you had for one of your hearts. I have a dough bowl filled with smalls that friends have made or I have stitched and your heart is sitting in with them. I was just looking at it again this weekend.

deb said...

So glad you found that bag of smalls because it's delightful to see all of these in one post - beautiful, beautiful, and absolutely lovely!

(why, oh why did I never buy the Next Step sampler? must have had it in my hands - and put it back- a dozen times or more, bonehead me)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Awww...your “smalls” are incredibly big on charm.... All are beautiful, but for some reason, my favorite is Mary Little. Happy Hump Night.... It is NOT snowing here....can you believe it??? We have officially been above the freezing point all day...But parking lots and roads are skating rinks.... If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.... r

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