Apr 21, 2019


Hope your Easter was a wonderful day.

I received a few emails claiming the donut hole has closed and my insurance can not continue to penalize me.  Unfortunately, the donut hole is not gone.  By "closing" they mean it's getting smaller, not eliminated. 
The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 also made some changes.  This graph shows the current donut hole and the final phase in 2020.  And it was not started with the ACA.  Can't believe everything you read online!  Hope this explains it better than I did.

I found I can go through GoodRx and get my $795 (270 pills for 90 days) generic Cevilemine not covered in my plan for less than $300.  This works for generic but brand name drugs are not discounted as deeply.  This is not a manufacturer discount and there is no denial for Medicare members, local participating pharmacies are listed.  It's worth entering your higher priced generics into their website to see if you can save. 
That's it.  I'm done.
Dinner went well.  Mark's garlic breaded chicken is everyone's favorite and he used the Chick-Fil-A secret of marinating the breasts in pickle juice making them very tender and juicy.  Some recipes don't rinse off the marinade but we do.  After pie, I had to take Carole to Urgent Care since she injured her rib area from an extended reach the day before.  She tore cartilage or pulled a muscle and after seeing the doctor, we spent an hour in the parking lot of Rite Aid waiting for the script to be filled.  It's always something.


C M Designs said...

Happy day after Easter.
Have you looked into Anthem's MedicareRx ? Just a suggestion. I have it for my prescriptions. Pays some, which helps a bit.
Mark's tender chicken sounds good. The chicken that I've cooked, lately, has been so tough. What am I doing wrong ?
Have a good week ahead. Weather is supposed to be nice.
Charlotte in Va.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So confusing. I am thankful my only two prescriptions are not an issue.
I am happy to hear you have found a bit of a savings though that still is a whole lot of $$.
Praying that things improve for you.

Carol said...

This is just too much for my feeble brain--don't know what I will do when Medicare time comes. I am only on a tiny dose of a statin now, but I know that will be changing as I get older. Good to read that you have found a way to save at least some money, Marly!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, at least you have been keeping busy educating yourself on all this malarkey. I truly wonder what some elderly do who do not have the capacity (i.e., cognitive skills, computer skills, and mostly patience) to research and educate themselves. Why do things have to be so dang complicated??? Marinating chicken in pickle juice, eh? Sounds weird to me (we don’t have Chik-A-Filets in these parts and I have never had their chicken.... Is Mark’s recipe on your recipe blog?? If not, it should be (hint, hint)..... I keep forgetting the blog name and always have to search for where I have it so I remember (don’t laugh too hard). Poor Carole....and poor you.... Like you said, always something. ~Robin~

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