May 24, 2019

Almost purple

Hello folks.  My sister visited the doc yesterday and he confirmed what I told her last Friday, she is in congestive heart failure again.  And of course, she has nothing in the house including toilet tissue and was "planning" on shopping one day soon.  So I've been busy picking up her prescriptions and necessities since she can't.  I told her to cancel her lunch yesterday and dinner tonight with friends, she obliged.
My doc appointment was to include a pneumonia booster and I said "are you nuts?".  She stepped back and smiled, said I was right in not taking it.  One more time - the nasal flu vaccine has a tiny amount of live virus, the injection is dead.  I received the injection.  It's not the vaccine itself that caused my condition, it's the body's reaction to it.   The immune system creates antibodies to protect against those viruses in the vaccine and certain cells go into action.  In my case, that action went overboard and started attacking itself, which is autoimmune disease.  Am I going to try another shot that may stimulate my immune activity again?  No, but that's my case.  It's rare, and no one vulnerable should forego vaccines that could save their lives.
So about the purple.  Walmart, JoAnn, Pat Catan had none of the newer colors, nor did they have anything under #150.  So I tossed some purples and found them too much on the strong gold of the linen.  I ended up with the not-really-a-purple shade of 315, which when compared to the red does look violet.  I'm very pleased with it. Decided to put a few patches on his bag and will use black backstitches over them.  Maybe.  I'm not happy with the coverage on either of these 35 counts with one thread, but I can't use two.  After I finish Purple Pants I will pull another 35 linen for Blue Man.  Then on to Ann.
Got sidetracked a little and haven't worked out an item for the giveaway yet.  Soon!!
Happy Friday!!  Wait.  Is today Friday?


Heritage Hall said...

Shame on the doc who even suggested the shot that throws your health and life into turmoil. Sorry about Carole and all the added effort it takes on your part, Marly. It really is a bummer to have to depend upon others for care and errands. I hope
Carole values your role in her life. Hope you have a relaxing stitching weekend and you find all the colors you need to finish your projects before starting the big one. Chin up.... A Dove or two instead of shots ….from the book of remedies. lol

Ms Peppercorn said...

I admire the patience you have with your sister.

C M Designs said...

Hi Marly,
Am so sorry to hear about Carole's diagnosis. Scary !
She is so blessed to have a sister who you do and have for years.
Take care and enjoy the weekend any way you can.
Charlotte in Va.

Natureluvr57 said...

Getting older is just not any fun when facing health issues. I'm glad you can help your sister out. I have no spouse or children and hate to think what will happen. Since reading your blog I fear I may have the same condition but not as severe. Does Sjorgen's get worse with time? My mouth is always dry. It's hard to muster up some spit and when I drink water it's like it just floats right over my tongue so I get very little relief. When I mow my mouth dries out so bad it gets gummy and I can hardly open my mouth to talk. I drink water on and off constantly for some relief. Thankfully it's not cracked and painful. Maybe I have something else-I haven't mentioned it to my doctor yet. I can cry but I have dry eyes. I took Restasis for several year s but it didn't help that I could tell. When I lost my great insurance I stopped taking them. No way can I afford over 600 for them. Losing my great insurance I have quit some things and try not to go to the doctor. The company I worked for is still making billions in profits but they no longer provide insurance to those on Medicare and those of us that retired but aren't on Medicare yet-we have to pay out the nose premiums plus we have a large OOP before the insurance pays a penny. I don't want to say what I hope happens to those who are treating retirees like that when the largest telecommunications company is not struggling one bit. Let's just say I wish them to permanently retire in an extremely hot environment. I have asthma so I get flu shots every year. I'm glad I never got the nasal one. Hoping you find relief for your Sjorgens.

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