May 31, 2019

DMC card

I have two extra dmc color cards W200N of actual thread still wrapped in cellophane.  Color numbers 3801-3830. I will probably keep my older guides so I can have them in other rooms.  Not that I stitch there, but my odds of finding a misplaced guide are much greater if there are three.  Although many dye lots have changed somewhat since the original booklets were offered, the majority of my floss is from many years ago and matches them.  If you are interested in this card, the first two requests will get one, either comment or email.
Updated - both gone. 
If any of your homes have basements, please check outside in the window wells for toads and frogs.  Every day for two weeks I have found small to large ones unable to get out.  After removal I set them in heavy cover from the cats, and they end up in the same place the next day.  So I put a wide board inside the well at an angle hoping that will allow them an escape, until we get covers for the wells. But for the next few days I will still be on a toad check. 
How do I prune the petunias?  Any shorter stems coming from the center of the plant get cut back to the first leaf.  I then carefully separate the thick clumps of flowering stems and pull out about a dozen, and clip those too.  You can clip first and then pull out, doesn't matter, just be careful to not break others while removing.  You end up with stems a few inches long in the center.  I do this in July also or whenever the edges of the plant are too heavy.  The Vista varieties don't really need this or any trimming, but I do anyway.  You can see several new stems including buds already branching out from a cut 10 days ago and this keeps the center full.  I fertilize too.
Took Carole to her doc today and she is a little better, fluid is gone, strength will take some time to regain.  Cardio appointment next week.  Thank you very much for your prayers and concern.
That's it. bye.


Donna G. said...

I’m terrified of frogs! Would be on the phone with the realtor requesting that house be put up for sale.....and looking to move into the top floor of a 20-story apartment building. 🐸🐸🐸 I joke about moving.....but no joke about the terror of frogs.

JustGail said...

Do you have any stones that could be stacked in a stair step fashion? Toads might be more willing to climb those than a board. I've had them climb into pots that are about 6 inches taller than anything around them. And climb the steps to our front porch. We had one that stuffed his/her fat little self down the crack between garage door and driveway every morning. And it was not a large crack nor small toad.

I'm glad Carole's starting to feel better.

Janet said...

Love your blog postings. Glad you seem to be feeling better these days and hope Carole takes it easy on you. You sure are good to her.
I'd love one of the DMC cards if you are giving them away.

Maureen said...

Ahh thank you so much for the petunia pruning help! I hope to head out later today to our nursery and I may end up bringing one or two home to give them another try. Yours are so pretty and inspiring! If there's a card left, I could use it.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great news about Carole. Prayers for continued improvement.

diamondc said...

Marly: Thank-you for the update on Carole, I hope she is getting better by the minute.
Thank-you for the tip on pruning.


C M Designs said...

So glad to hear the improvement that Carole is making. I hope it will continue.
Prayers for both of you !
Have a wonderful weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marly for your pruning tips of the petunia -will give it a try with mine too.
Good to hear Carole's health is getting a little better and will pray for her health as for yours too.
A big hug for you
Have a great weekend
Greetings Truus from Holland

TheCrankyCrow said...

Awww...poor frogs and toads! Two of my favorite creatures. I pitched a holy fit in biology when we were supposed to dissect a frog... Of course they were already dead, but it was the point...and I didn’t want to encourage anything. Glad to hear Carole’s holding her own...hope your strength comes back soon. ~Robin~

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