May 21, 2019

Golden Boy

with a touch of purple.  A little change in his beard length, his hat, a few berries to the tree, and a sackful of errors.

On to Blue Boy.
I can only stitch for short periods at a time and I know 30 count will be easier. 
Took Carole for blood work today, she is still out of breath, taking more Lasix and will see the doc on Thursday.  There is no one else to help out.  Her only son works and is a volunteer captain with our fire department, my 75 year old brother takes more of my time some days than 80 year old Carole.  Her grandson works at a facility for troubled boys almost an hour from here and has three little ones of his own.  My only local female cousin (my age) has dementia and calls me often, is starting to need help herself.  Her husband died young and they had no children.  On her wedding day, her daddy died on the dance floor from a massive heart attack right after the bridal dance.  My husband's sister died young, all other family members did too.  So there you have it!  When I say "small family', it's true!  Because both sets of grandparents came to this country alone, neither of my parents had any aunts, uncles, cousins, or anyone else in this country.  And I do not mind at all if a comment is left for me or an email voicing concern.  I am always touched that you care!
I got my DMC booklet today and I love that all color families are together making it much easier to search for the perfect blue.  I do wish the threads were loose, but it's very nice and BIG!!  I ordered the very large rings and needle case for $5 to save shipping charges of $9.

This little brat has given me nothing but trouble for three days trying to catch her for the flea meds.  Last night I was outside before midnight saving a mouse from her cruel play.  The little guy climbed up the rusty leg of the my planter and hid in the petunia while I distracted her, Missy could not figure out where it went.
That's it! 
Thanks for visiting.


Jacqueline said...

You sure knocked out your Santa' s quickly. They are dainty and handsome. Prayers for your health and your sister.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, that explains a great deal about Carole’s health dilemmas.... So tragic about the cousin’s story. Yikes...It doesn’t get much sadder than that. I get the small family thing. My mother comes from a large family (most of whom I don’t care to claim), but my father only had 1 brother who died when he was 19 of leukemia... My dad’s parents died before I was voila, relative-less on that side. Your Santas are so so sweet. Such clever little tweaks. I really like the tree change.... Stay Calm and Tweak on.... ~Robin~

Shortbread and Ginger said...

I think the Santa has turned out great!

arcadia said...

I have no family at all, and most of my friends died so.. but I used to be the one everybody counts on, now that I can't afford doing this anymore and would need help, people all flew away. You are so brave and kind !
I love your changes on your santa, especially on the beard, it's very clever !
Your card is gorgeous, mine is soooo old. But I never got another one, too expensive and with my mole eyes + money being more than tight I just gave up.
Sending good thoughts and courage

Sandra said...

I like the Golden Santa better than the red I think and his hat is much nicer too. I use my DMC and Anchor thread cards such a lot, although they are quite old now, but they are worth every penny I paid for them.

linda said...

Love your color changes for the Santa...I have stitched all yearly Santas and lo and behold they came out with another one for 2019. Saw it yesterday. Checked 123 Stitch and they had it. Ordered it of course! It's cute with one sheep and baby in Santa's arms.

Annie with the ducks said...

Missy may be a brat but she is certainly beautiful! And your Santas! I do love Prairie Schooler (new 2019 Santa coming out!!) Thanks for the alert on the DMC color chart with the REAL THREAD! I'm glad they starting selling them again-I had the one where the color is printed on-Joann Fabric put them on clearance a few years back but I have always wanted the one with the thread. I love how they put them in color families. Thanks again

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Keeping you in my prayers for health and healing!!
Love your sweet Santas and the gold one is really lovely!!!
What wonderful DMC cards, too!! I have the list with them grouped by family and just love that as it is so helpful!!
Hope you have a good week!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

JustGail said...

So you really are the raft and paddle for Carole, and others to boot now. Crap. I'm going to assume you have raised the very real possibility and questions of what if you can't be any more. Not just for Carole, but for your brother and cousin as well. I'm really hoping your DH is & stays well, and has you covered! I'm going to hush on this now, and bookmark this post for referral next time I start to wonder why others aren't stepping up.

On to the happy! I no "sacks full of errors", just 2 Santas each with their own charm. And thanks for showing the DMC chart, I may have to order one to update my very old copy.

Carol said...

Love both Santas, Marly! I can just picture a small tree with them adorning it in all different color combinations. Love the gold one's hat--will remember that if/when I ever restitch that little guy. I do worry about all you have on your plate in caring for others when you have your own health issues going on. Your giving spirit and caring attitude toward family members is so admirable, Marly--truly! ♥

kelley said...

I don't know how you get anything at all done with caring for your family members...too bad you can't round them all up into one's taken me about 2 years to get over the stress on my body from caring for my parents...I always love seeing your stitches...Santas or samplers...I hope you do take some time for yourself...hugs

Rugs and Pugs said...

Never a dull moment in your life. Your family is lucky to have you and in spite of your problems, are so willing to help others.
I do love your Santas!

C M Designs said...

Love your Santa and the change of colors.
You know what they say about the "care taker". Don't wear yourself out !
There's just the three of us other family to speak of.
Have some cousins in New York but never hear a word from them.
With all the love you give to Missy and the other two kitties, I wish they'd be more loving toward you.
I hope Carole's doctor appointment will be a good one.
Thinking of you.......
Charlotte in Va.

Heritage Hall said...

Dear Madame of the overflowing plate, you continue to amaze with what you accomplish
despite the other matters vying for your attention. I have the old DMC color chart
with the loose threads, but of course, not the updated colors...will have to follow your lead and obtain the newest... Your Santas are spot on and I love to track the
changes you make. Hope Carole will be settled for awhile and that Missy behaves...
Enclosing you all in prayer.

Berit said...

He's looking quite fine; I love your changes! Missy is such a cute little caramel sundae!!!

deb said...

Oooh, I like Santa in gold ... and I like your changes to his hat, tree and beard better than the original. Even looking at them together and knowing it's essentially the same design, the color changes make a huge difference.

You do so much for your family and then have your own problems on top of that ... you remain in my prayers. Tell Missy that she needs to purr for you - it's excellent medicine.

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