May 28, 2019


Hi folks.  We went to Home Depot for another few bags of mulch and they are LOADED with flowers as is Lowe's.  Usually by Memorial Day the nicer baskets are gone but I think the numerous Amish greenhouses are garnering more sales every year.  Their plants are nicer, larger, and cheaper.  The 4" pots of vines and such are $3 and $3.50 in New Wilmington and $4.50 and $5 at the big stores and Kraynak's nursery.   Baskets $15 to $18 (mine were $13!) are $25 locally.  My 10" basket petunias are growing rapidly and you can't get more bang for your buck that the Vista series.  I prune the centers to keep them full and transfer to larger containers, maybe that helps the prolific blooming.  This is the Fuchsia color and the newest color (Paradise) is lighter and more on the coral side.  Next year!
The Silverberry grows like a maniac too.  Already pruned once and they are both doing so well, even without fertilizer yet.  If you want maintenance free tunias, look for the Vista series.
I was surprised to see Creeping Jenny come back from last year.  Our ground is like concrete but it's rooting itself in the mulch.  Love that color.
Taking Carole to the doc tomorrow, will stop for an iced coffee.  I bought the stainless steel tube and make my own, much better than DD's.  The sweet lady that worked at our local coffee roaster/shop for 20 years passed away from C. diff after a routine surgery.  She was in the hospital for quite a while fighting while our small community prayed for her, but it took her in the end.
Hard to believe last weekend is already four years since my friend Patti passed away, and over thirty years since we lost Mark's best friend to the tornado.  I've mentioned him before.  He was an umpire at a Little League game when the twister headed toward the field.  He put two youngsters (his niece and a young boy) in his vehicle and sped away only to be lifted by the gusts.  He then got them out and threw them into a ditch, laid over them, and was picked up and gone in an instant.  An F-5, half mile wide, not lifting for 47 miles.  No one was expecting that in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  
Going through sampler charts, I may list them on the FB group that I can't remember.
Hope your week is so far, so good!
Thanks for visiting.


Vickie said...

I love all of your petunias! I used to have that same creeping Jenny at our house. Loved it!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love your 'tunias. I haven't bought an annual yet. I am so far behind!
We had horrid rain last eve. The worst I have ever driven in. Thankfully only had a few miles to get home.
God Bless Mark's friend for saving those children. That is a true hero.
I am sure you miss Patti. Besties are hard to come by.

Ms Peppercorn said...

Could you please explain how you prune the centers? I try to randomly pinch off a stem here and there but eventually mine get leggy anyhow.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your petunias are gorgeous, Marly! Yes, I would love to know your pruning tips for the centers. Hope Carole's appointment goes smoothly!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
I am always so envious of anyone who can grow flowers!! No matter WHAT I do they always die!
Yours are gorgeous!! Hope Carole's appt. goes well, and that you are feeling better, too!!
Have a great week!
Keeping you in our prayers!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Maureen said...

I have the curse of the brown thumb when it comes to petunias. Leggy and scraggly every time. I may just look into this Vista variety. Like Robin asked, what are your pruning tricks?

Carol said...

Wow! You do have a green thumb, Marly! Your flowers are already wonderful... We got some small things to plant in the ground at Home Depot last weekend. Had been to Lowe's the weekend before, but their selection was disappointing. My petunias always disappoint and yet I keep buying them year after year. I'd love to know your pruning secrets, too :)

What a heartbreaking story of Mark's friend--but what a true hero. I'm sure the kids' families will be forever grateful to his bravery. These tornado warnings in our area have been scary. And the heavy downpours! Last night our power went out, but it's back on today. I'm ready for this week to end!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Vista series, eh? I will have to look at our Home Depot to see if they have any.... I only go there during growing season and haven’t made my annual pilgrimage yet this year. ( Hard to judge when it’s going to be safe between the rain drops as most of their things are outdoors. ). Petunias are one of my go-to’s, but I usually chicken out in the pruning department until it’s too late LOL.... Doesn’t really matter I guess as the wind usually makes short work of them anyways. How tragic about Mark’s friend. I’ve never actually known anyone taken in a tornado. We usually are smack in the middle of twister season by this time....not this year. It will need to warm substantially first. ~Robin~

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