May 27, 2019

Wet feet

I'm sure you've seen the video and photos of the Old Guard a few days ago in the torrential rain and wind.  The dedication and discipline of Honor Guards is remarkable.
We are working around the house today, Spectrum was here all morning to fix a problem they can't find so new cables will be run later.  I finally found brown chair glides for outdoor, the white was noticeable, and added them to all benches, tables, and chairs. 
Prevents their feet/legs from rotting and also the marks left on the decks.  Some of them I can't remove with scrubbing, but the nylon/plastic glides keeps legs up just enough to prevent those stains.  I added a rubber washer over the nail to raise some of them further. 
Can't even tell.  And it may give me an extra few years of use.
This is the day of remembrance and gratitude.

Note for JustGail (no-reply), those mangoes are from Del Monte and found at Walmart (canned and 4 cup packs).  And I appreciate the offer of mailing floss, but I plan to order a new Santa and will add them on.  Also may be visiting HL or Michaels' soon and hope they have the full selection.  Thank you!!


Rugs and Pugs said...

God Bless America. God Bless our soldiers.
Many have paid the ultimate price that we may live free in this great Land of ours!
Freedom isn't free.

C M Designs said...

Hoping that you're having a pleasant Memorial Day.
Had a big picnic type lunch........don't need dinner, at least I don't.
Thinking of you,
Charlotte in Va.

Robin in Virginia said...

Remembering and honoring those who have sacrificed their lives for our country. Good for you on finding chair glides that don't stand out!

Heritage Hall said...

They died that we might live in freedom.... let us
always remember and honor them. Great pictures.

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