Jun 26, 2019


That room is still a mess, but I did find the magazine.  I had forgotten that I stuck it in a plastic folder to prevent pages from being bent by a where-the-hell-is-she-now sleeping cat.  The floss was already pulled but I did remove a few for the recent Santas, hopefully their location won't be as difficult to find.  If so, I will just stop at JoAnn's rather than get flustered.  My hot flashes are no where near the intensity of a few years ago, but they still come on with the slightest frustration.  In other words, almost constant.
And another find!  I don't know if any of you would be interested in purchasing the square box with houses, but a super sweet online friend found some for me.  She actually looked at her local HL and found sets of three and offered to ship them!  From the photo, I got the item number and located them online for ordering, they are not shown in the stock photos and that puzzles me.  Among other things. 
Since the sampler boxes have been done and done again, I don't want to get too many but I will definitely have a few soon.  I'm going to check my samplers (I know where they are being stored!!  YAY!) and see if there are any houses I can add.  The other labels from the corner squares of a few years ago may still be on the laptop somewhere, will check.  Those shiny little buggers were one of my favorite items.  For those that purchased, have they held up well??
Taking Carole for heart tests the end of this week and next.  Just like the ridiculous layout of the Diagnostic Center, the testing area is a long walk for heart patients.  Handicap parking is fairly close but the tests are a very long walk to an elevator and another very long hallway.  Waiting for a aide with a wheelchair could make you miss your appointment.  Much easier for me to grab a chair and make her bounce over the speed bumps.  Every time she gets into one, we start giggling about all the times she was airborne or lunged from a hand brake.
Have a good day!
I'll be sitting without much head turning.  The vertigo woes again.


Mary said...

Are you kidding?, I would love to buy square box with houses. Sign me up as a yes, you know I love all your boxes. Glad you found magazine.

Churndash said...

Next time you’re missing or can’t find a SANQ issue, the SANQ magazines from 1991-2015 (all of them?) are available on CD... I bought it on Amazon. After a water leak damaged some of my magazines, it was nice to have them again.

Heritage Hall said...

Thank you Churndash for that lead....great idea.
Put me down for a house box to add to my delightful Marly collection.
Bless you for your support of Carole...She is blessed to have you.
Have a grand fourth and take care of yourself, Marly.

Anonymous said...

I would love a square house box.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Carole is so lucky to call you sister. Good luck to her.
Hope the vertigo goes away soon.

Annmarie said...

I can say you do the BEST job with your boxes. I have purchased a few and since I've given most away.....when I need that special gift.....I'm always ready to purchase another. I'm in if you choose to do a number of them. Take care and be happy and healthy

Lisa Buick said...

I think you are one of the sweetest people in the world.

Maureen said...

Lisa Buick said it all!!!!

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