Jun 1, 2019

No help

There I am with no room left to empty more cupboard items, painting while not being able to see clearly, trying not to bend too much so the dizziness doesn't start again, and these two just watch.  Once in while they would walk by just to fly a hair or two on to the paint.  Bud is a little large for the box under the table but that's never bothered him.  My clappers came in it but I haven't had time to play with them.

And of course the more I put on, the more it doesn't look like the very large piece of paneling my paint sample covered.  So I plan to take the little sample jars and add to the gallon until it's right.  Flat paint looks fabulous and the same color with a little eggshell sheen turns into a yellow cast.  One way or another I will fix that.
When I picked up my floss at Michael's, I checked for paper mache boxes and found none.   Hobby Lobby only sells sets now and I only need one for an Eliza label that I recently found.  I am offering the label for a $5.00 123Stitch gift certificate if anyone can use it.
Eliza Pomeroy is waxed and ready to glue to a 6" high round box only.  I have a Bugle Boy too for a 5" round lid and can't find that size either.  Not sure if I will hold on to him, he was always one of my favorites.  
If interested, email me rather than leave a comment since I can't reply.
How's the weekend going?


deb said...

In our house, we would call what Bud and Missy are doing "supervising."

TheCrankyCrow said...

LOL in the kitty department...so cat-typical. Running out of room?? Look at all the floor space you have! Good luck getting that paint color you’re striving for. ~Robin~

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