Jun 19, 2019

Still bald

There must be a secret or a trick to fitting caps to these berries and I don't know it.  The pattern for the top does not lay nicely, fit properly, and I've had it.  Spent a good amount of time working on my own cap pattern, and then put it aside.  Found a few odd sized very heavy paper mache boxes and spent a few hours and a ton of ink on a label for them.  But I love it.
Also worked on a 4" square and it will become a box of stitched house labels.  I found a few of my old squares and will add one to each side.  Will finish that tomorrow.  I will sort through the mess in the parlor and hopefully find something to stitch if not Ann.  This has been on my mind too, a gift from a reader friend.  I would love to finish it with piping as I did Beale's other round.
We'll see what tomorrow brings, other than rain.


Barb said...

That round box is wonderful with the alphabet!

Annmarie said...

Love your Beale finish-wonderful. Thanks again for sharing your days with all of us. Such a great way for me to start the day.
Take care and try to stay dry.

diamondc said...

Marly: I hope your berries get tops, in your last post they did look a little bald, giggles.
Your box is beautiful.
Love the Beale finish, it is beautiful.


Eleanor Hunzinger said...

Please enter me in your drawing for the little box with houses. Kay H

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