Jul 12, 2019

A little project in Polish

I sure hope it's right!  I found two translations to Polish for God bless our home.  Well, three really, and I chose what is found on many antique pieces.  I made this for a woman who is always giving of herself and offering help.  I hope she likes it.  I made the hanger knotted so it can be adjusted to fit over a large door knob or other display.  Polish colors are red and white.
If anyone is interested in stitching this (nice gift for a Polish relative), I will post the chart.
I get asked as do most stitchers about finishing so here's a few pics of the way I do it now.  Because no one told this nitwit to put the interfacing on AFTER sewing and I was doing it bass ackward.

First is counting the same number of threads from each side to create an even margin and marking it.  Love those Frixion pens.
I then pull a linen thread out three to five threads away from the margin mark, depending on how much fabric I have to work with.   The presser foot will follow this line, or I will use the Frixion pen to mark the thread.  I leave the bottom open but run the machine sewn seam about an inch to create the corners.

THEN apply the fusible interfacing extending it over the seam.  Press the seams open and then trim the fabrics.  I also clip on each side of the clipped corners. 
I use Poly-fill Royal Silk fiberfill because they stopped making my favorite.  This material does not melt with heat like the other fills, so the steam and smash with the iron to create a dense fill takes more time and more steam.  But it makes a much nicer feel.  I do that as I am stuffing, not once it's done.  Having the corners already sewn makes stuffing them easy and I used a thin line of Tacky for the close.
All done.  I'll be mailing tomorrow and if she sees this post, I think she'll know it's hers!!  Sure hope I have the Polish right.  And her address.
Have a great weekend!!
Thanks for visiting.


jhm said...

I would love the chart. MY husband is of Polish descent. THen maybe I could take down the piece that say Merry Christmas in Polish.

Maureen said...

If you feel up to posting it Marly I would enjoy stitching it for BIL SIL and their family. He came here from Poland and went right off to high school without knowing English. It was a tough school even if you did know English!

Carole Z. said...

Marly, I would love to have the pattern. Please post it. My ancestors from both my paternal and maternal sides came from Poland. Thank you (dzienkuje).


Vickie said...

I love this. I looked under FREE and did not find it yet. I will be patient. I would like the chart please Marly. I would like to stitch it up, as I am half Polish. Thank you!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I can't believe that you glued that shut. It's perfect! Thanks for showing us your finishing technique.

Ms Peppercorn said...

I appreciate any finishing instructions so thank you.

Megan's Mom said...

Thank you for posting your method of finishing this beautiful piece. Please post this pattern. I for one would make at least 3 of these for gifts to my family members. Thank you in advance.

Heritage Hall said...

Have a dear Polish friend and family who would
cherish this lovely gift for Christmas. Thank
you for the heads up on the color.. it will fit
the holiday. You are so special.

Mary said...

Thank you for the "how to" I am a terrible finisher of pillows.

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