Jul 21, 2019

I can always shut the door

The power returned but the nearby lightning strike fried the compressor in her air conditioner.  It's very old, the repairman does not know if it can be replaced.   That cost would be bad enough but if a new one is needed, our estimates here are over $2000.  Wonderful. 
So it looks like she will be staying here for a while until it's ordered, repaired, or replaced.  Her house is only 73 but she claims she can't breathe, and the temperature will rise as the day progresses.  I don't have a heart problem so I can't relate but she is always overheated and humidity makes her breathing worse.  I'm sure it does, it did for my MIL, but it doesn't seem to bother her when she is sitting outside watching the great grands play.  So I offered to buy her a tent.  Proper etiquette would have been "no thank you" instead of the snarky response.  I told her she could borrow my bracelet.  She did not take that offer graciously either.
Mom's bedroom has a TV, recliner, queen bed, private bath, and separate controls for heat/air.  And a door.  I have the key.  Poor Cinderella.
For the first year, I cut the hydrangeas at the right time!!  They always wilted within days but after reading a few tips, cutting them when they are just starting to dry is perfect.  They are staying beautiful and turning that green that I love.   A pop of white that would not have been noticed if I had not cleared out the clutter.  It may come back after all the rooms are painted, but I doubt it.

Have a good day! 
Keep an extra key handy, just in case a mean sister comes your way.


Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Marly, I spewed my water reading your post about the door, the key, and Cinderella! Your hydrangeas look incredible.

Rugs and Pugs said...

You are Saint Marly in my book ~ a much better person than I could possibly ever be.
Carole is lucky to have you and she should appreciate all you do!!!

Barb said...

AS I have said before, she is a very lucky lady to have you for her sister! Hydrangeas look great!

village folk art said...

Hi Marly, I LOVE hydrangeas and yours look fabulous. This desert is not good for my brown thumb so maybe it'll be a little greener when we get moved down the hill in warmer and wetter weather. that will be the first plant and then lemon trees.

CathieJ said...

Thank goodness for that key. Your hydrangeas are beautiful.

JustGail said...

I hope Carole got the message that you'll not be providing hotel in-room food/laundry service. Or any service other than a place to be out of the heat. I'm ambivalent about air conditioning. I wear long sleeves to work, and a sweatshirt at home year round. I hate when my glasses steam up when I walk outside. Yet I remember *trying* to sleep as a child growing up with no air conditioning, and no ceiling fans or summer porch either. I hope they can fix the old compressor, that will be enough additional expense you weren't expecting. If that's all that got fried by the lightning, you're actually *sort* of lucky though. I guess. In a dark humour kind of way.

Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! Cut them right as they start to dry, you say? I'll have to give that a shot on some of mine.

Heritage Hall said...

Some people just don't know how truly blessed they are, but Carole's condition
may be a distraction from her realizing it. You are, without a doubt, her greatest
blessing....what you provide in her life is inestimable. Be patient, as you usually
are....sooner or later she may catch on. In the meantime, remain cool and enjoy
the falling temps this week, bless you.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Love the desk with the beautiful bit of white. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"...Leonardo da Vinci....a true genius.

Krissy B. said...

I just showed this post to my eldest sister (I'm 1 of 5 girls & we have 1 very neurotic brother)who is about to have 2 hip surgeries 3 weeks apart and guess who gets to take care of her during all this. This post made me laugh out loud. She looked at me puzzled and asked if I was trying to tell her something. I'm beginning to think those of us with a warped sense of humor are few. I snorted when I got to the tent part. I guess it's not politically correct to find humor in the not so funny life issues. How the hell do people survive??? Thanks for this post. You just kill me and I so love how you think and express in writing the daily ins and outs of your life. I'm not clever but damn it, I know when someone is and you could make a lot of money being a writer.

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