Jul 4, 2019

Linen regret

Did everyone have a nice 4th?  I've been working on boxes today and now that it's dark, it sounds like a war zone.  I keep looking to the sky for colors and sparkles, but nothing, just sonic booms.
My Sally Fiske is hung with hemmed boning, unframed, and for her size she should be an eye catcher.  She's not.  Why?  Because of the unbleached linen that doesn't show the beautiful colors of thread.  From across the room, it's a dark blob.  The roof stands out first, then the house, only because the areas are concentrated color.  I am so sorry I didn't realize this and use a lighter linen.  I started stitching with Scarlet Letter kits on her 25 count unbleached which shows the thread much better than other counts from other sources.  95% of my samplers are on unbleached, raw, natural.  This is with a flash so you can imagine how much darker it is.

When I was photographing Sally for a label, something bothered me.  Looking closer, I realized the door is not stitched, nor is area surrounding it.  I had to go back to the chart to see if I forgot to stitch it!!  Nope.  That is the reproduction.  I'm glad she isn't framed because this week, Sally's house will get a door.  I used Paint to fill it in for the label with the only color I could paste into the space and I outlined the frame with white.  Since I am not one to be concerned about exact repros, adding this will not bother me at all.  Not sure of color.
Doesn't it seem like Saturday?  We're having Chris's birthday at Carole's Sunday and I am making calico beans, kugel, and the cake.   I stopped at DD today which was crazy busy, and walked off with someone else's large iced coffee.  They weren't at the pick up counter and the next drink that looked like mine, I took!  It wasn't.  Neither was the bag they handed me with chocolate munchkins.  My fault,  I should have checked both before leaving.
Box sale will probably be Sunday, will let you know when the day before.
Happy Friday!!


Mary said...

Watching Jeopardy last night Alex said "see you tomorrow" I said tomorrow is Saturday! I will be confused for days now. We had a quiet 4th, neighbors did have some fun fireworks I could see out of back window. So I got my firework fix! Sally reminds me of Lucy Redd, I have never finished her. I did on 18 ct aida before I discovered linen. Free munchkins, score.

Barb said...

I agree, adding color to the door is a good idea. I am not a purist either. I do what I like. That really is a very pretty sampler.

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