Jul 7, 2019

Paint sample tip - final!

You all know I am psychotic when it comes to beige or white paints.   I chose a white for the rest of the first floor trim that goes nicely with my custom White Dove.  Since those neutrals have very little tint in their bases, one drop can change it.  I thought it was my phobia making me see yellow or pink in my projects when the sample seemed perfect.  I now know why.
Do you see the difference in the two drops?  The one on the right is from the gallon I just purchased.  The one on the left is from the sample I tested.  Those sample jars from Behr are 1/16th of a gallon.  If I multiplied that sample formula x 16, it should match the gallon.  It doesn't.  Because they can't break down the tint (for samples) into small enough increments, the gallon could be off and it is.  The LL tint (raw umber) is 58 and to match the sample it should be 56, hence the yellowish white that I did not want and a major color change. 

So if you find a white or very light sample of paint,  DO NOT have them mix it from the formula in the computer.  Work out the tint numbers from your sample label depending on the ounces (or have the store do it) for a manual mix and it will be exactly what you expected.  No returns since the formula is for the color I requested.  No choice but to purchase another gallon with a reduction in the umber, and then mix the two gallons together.  That makes it easy for me to decide that this white will be all of the trim, even second story, I certainly have enough of it!  No more looking at samples and seeing pink or yellow, no more little jars everywhere.  I throw them all into a container, mix, and use as first coats since the whites are similar.  This discrepancy probably doesn't matter in colors as much, but one or two drops of tint in white certainly does.  If you can see a difference in just a dab of the paint, imagine the effect on a wall. 
Have a great Sunday!! I should be home from the birthday party in time for the sale.


diamondc said...

Hi Marly: I always ask for white paint without yellow tinting, they hardly ever listen to me, I always have to take it back.
I do see the difference in the two colors, are you taking it back? just curious.
You do not have a phobia you just know what you want.
I hope you had a fabulous Fourth.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Great advice. Will I remember it if needed? Of course not!

Marilyn said...

We just bought some Behr paint.
I'm glad I didn't get the sample, they tried to sell it to us, but we didn't buy it, thought it's too small of a sample to tell anyway.
I wanted a neutral color in the tan family, so we bought Granite Dust.
the sample on the can looked tannish.
The paint is like paint I never saw, when I opened it up & mixed it, it was a cream color. Thought it was the wrong color, so I started painting, and it went on the walls a light gray color! Everyone says it looks light tan, but I still see gray.
But, I don't mind, I wanted a light tan or a gray. The Marquee is nice paint after all, but it baffles me that it's a different color in the can. Maybe because of the primer in it? Not sure. It seemed to cover well, I had washed the walls first because whoever lived here were chain smokers. :( I got most of the nicotine off the walls, and it looks like the paint took care of some of the marks that wouldn't come off, so hope fully they won't show through.

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