Jul 16, 2019

Polish patience

I don't have it.  Nor the Italian!  I am so sorry!  A reader kindly informed me of the correct way to write God bless our home.  When seeing this translation many times online, the mark over the Z was there but I did not see the diagonal slash on the Ls.  So once again, the chart is changed!!  And I think my needle should stitch another, as charted, no more changes!  I was in such a hurry to chart and stitch this that I didn't give myself time to really look it over.  So the second line is 2 stitches wider with the slash added, the bottom area is wider to balance it more.  I think another symbol or floral border would be nice and when I stitch again for Carole, I may do that.  But after SEVEN changes to the chart in directions and stitches, that's it!   I apologize for jumping the gun and making so many changes after the original offer.  I will have to change the photo too once finished.
Mark was golfing out of town today so I took advantage of that and ripped down some drywall.  Some women shop, some tear down walls.  The doorways were taped off with drop cloths because let's be honest, drywall dust is worse than flour.  It's a toss up as to which sticks to sweaty skin more, and I was tempted to throw a quick cake recipe together to test it.  I don't need cake.  Yes I do.  Anyway, I need to get into that room for floss because I just may change the color to 321 or a different red.  Why?  Missy (a.k.a. Monkey Mona), that's why.  She got up on the chest next to my chair and started her own floss toss.  My fault for not putting it back in its bag.  Rather than buy new ones to utilize the notebook, I thought I would use a punch to add the side holes to my existing bags, but it doesn't work since the plastic has no body.  Paper beneath didn't matter, it still would not cut cleanly.
So there you have it!  Ann must be put aside for another quick project and I won't be able to settle myself down until I do that.  This little design takes very little time so not a big deal.
Mark drove by to check on the lush elderberry bushes and someone cut them all down while clearing that small area.  I have no idea why!  It's not easy to spot those tiny berries once the bloom is gone so finding them now will be next to impossible.  Sure hope we do because although a royal PITA to harvest, our favorite pie.
Have a great hump day!
Again, my apologies!


Sarah said...

We planted elderberries next to our house. We have so many tiny green berries just waiting to turn colors and be ready to harvest. Would you mind sharing the recipe to your pie?

Truus said...

Never heard of a pie with these berries.
In the garden I have some elderberry plants -so easy to grow and if there is one -next year there will be several all through the birds.
Have a great day
Greetings Truus from Holland

C M Designs said...

My Grandmother used to talk about elderberries. I never ate anything she made with them, but I know it would have been delicious. She made the best molasses cookies with lard in them. My cousins and I have never been able to duplicate the recipe.
I feel like I could do some "wall ripping" too. Still no job for you know who.
This weather is terribly hot and humid. So looking forward to cooler, Fall weather.
Enjoy your day.
Charlotte in Va.

Vickie said...

I will print the new updated version of your free pattern, thank you! Are you enjoying this hot, hot weather?

Three Sheep Studio said...

Elderberry Pie - yum. Send some my way !

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