Aug 4, 2019


Just a few.  Not really.  the I was browsing Pinterest and happened to see my old photo of the tub I hung from a hook years ago.  Must have been a good idea since LTD Commodities and several others are now selling a hook with a galvanized tub!
There were several others that have a stronger and nicer hook, but you get the idea.
That may have been a good idea but what I did before leaving for Cleveland, was not!  I wanted to update my Garmin GPS, not for directions, just to tick off that evil witch inside when I refuse to turn left.  What else would you call someone who tells you to turn when doing so would require crashing through concrete barriers into oncoming traffic? 
Garmin's website looked exactly the same as it always does.  So I clicked on the update option and your name, email, phone number, and GPS model were to be entered.  I did.  The phone rings and it's Garmin from India.  (A sure sign that it's customer service.)  In order to download the 40 minutes of new maps, remote access is required.  I didn't think twice since my laptop manufacturer has done that several times for repairs.  I followed the instructions but my GPS would not connect to the laptop, he showed me thousands of entries from trojans and malware and said they were the cause.  So he downloaded a program and removed them, my GPS connected, and the maps were downloading.  If I wanted to keep my computer free of trojans I could purchase a security program from him.  Hmmm.  That's odd.  It wasn't until two days later that I called Garmin and found that their website is regularly copied by scammers.  I gave them the phone numbers I was given to purchase and other info, removed anything new in my program listing, and changed my password.  Too late though.  I don't keep any important info, no phone link, and I don't see any problems.  Usually they infect you and then charge a huge amount for removal but I think this guy just wanted to sell a fake program or get my card number.  Lesson learned. 
When I took the flowers and medications to Carole's yesterday, the rep from LifeVest was there.  The large wound she has under her breast, (there was blood on the vest), was because of what we suspected.  The first rep knew nothing.  The fit was FOUR inches too large and those metal packs and electrodes were moving constantly, wearing off her skin and setting off the alarms.  Carole told her it felt too loose but it made no matter.  She also never showed her the proper way to wear the control unit so it doesn't injure your skin, another wound on her shoulder.  Yet this incompetent employee suffers no consequences and keeps her job which seems to be the norm these days.
And speaking of incompetence, check out the work by the new carpenter we hired.  The drywall I tore off a few weeks ago was the short wall that confined the stairs.  We hired him to install hew railing and trim.  The long board against the wall is cut 2.75" at the top, and tapers to 2" in the center, goes back to 2.75" at the bottom.   WTH??  The wall is perfectly level and we will have to remove the board and replace it with one that is cut properly.  How hard is it to keep 2.75 the entire way when using a fence on the table saw?  He used our equipment, we know the fence is spot on.  I did not ask to see his level or his square because he was recommended, but I don't believe he owns either.
Not only could he not calculate the correct distance between balusters, the wide board trim beneath is not cut straight at the top edge.
He obviously cut short and then pieced.
And did not know how to fit with a mitered edge, so he stuck a piece on.
Mike (my other guy that couldn't work because of PTSD) called me for work and stopped at the house.  He is a different man.  Never mentioned the PTSD which he did every 15 minutes before, laughing, joking, bought a new $75000 truck, all after receiving his full disability approval for over $3000 a month (we did not need to hear his finances).  Remarkable recovery.  Jason knows Mike and was here at the same time, said his dad was asked to join this group of five men but refused to go along.  Ah yes, Jason the gorgeous was here too and is coming back.  Mike and Jason are two that actually know their craft, and Mike will re-do the stair railing for me.
Well that was long wasn't it??? 
Beautiful day once again, cool mornings and nights, it's coming.  NOOOO!!!!
Have a great start to your week.
Thanks again for your prayers!!  And for the visit.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Glad Carole finally got fitted properly. Much incompetence out witnessed by the carpentry work.
So many scammers out there. They should put those efforts in to legitimate work.
Wow. If I got $3k a month I’d think I died and went to heaven!

JustGail said...

Good news on Carole, and getting the vest re-fitted. It's too bad not done right the first time though.

I don't think I saw your hanging tub, I have one similar and one of those hooks... perhaps next year! If the new carpenter was recommended, I wonder what the standards the recommenders have. Or what their connections to him are (related? owed $?) Or what kind of carpentry he did - someone who can do great putting up a building might not be the person to do finish carpentry. It's scarey how good some of these fake web sites are at copying the real thing. I think I'll stick with my old fashion paper maps, especially since my travels are few.

Maureen said...

Good luck with your guys. I hope their moons (or whatever has them happy and ready to work) stay in alignment long enough for the to get the work done to your liking.

Vickie said...

I called Emerson, our 23 year old carpenter, over just now, to show him. He read and looked. He agrees,"That is pretty bad." I sure hope it gets fixed one, two, three for you Marly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the heads up, Marly. We just got our Garmin GPS out this weekend to do an update.
Safe travels to Cleveland and I hope things go well there.
Cherie in WI

Anonymous said...

Looks like your wonderful carpenter is the same flunkie we had. He watched You Tube videos to figure out what he should do and called fellow co-workers for advice. His attempts at drywall were pitiful. When I pointed out the crooked and wobbly drywall corner in the bathroom his exact quote was "Yeah, I thought that might be a problem but I thought the toilet would hide it." He admitted he was actually a pastry chef who just started working for the contractor we hired (he quit before the contractor fired him.) Needless to say we were not happy with the contractor for actually letting someone so incompetent work on our house - no recommendation for him!

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