Sep 13, 2019

Getting along

Looks like the boys may be starting to accept the new guy.
They are staying in the back area where Nosey eats and takes cover from rain in his temporary shelter.  I do not want another cat to care for!  But we feel so bad.  He sits and stares at the house, seems like a very docile male, and does not run too far when I approach.  I think he had a home and owners that dumped him or left him behind.
Cleveland went fairly well as did the tests.  The doctor is increasing her new meds and will check her in four weeks.  Depending on kidney tolerance and additional increases, she may not require the surgery.  If she does it will of course be in the middle of winter.  We were exhausted when arriving home yesterday evening.  I had a terrible eye day, my sensitivity is unbearable and the burning is not remedied even after using two full bottles of drops.  I am looking into glasses that are made to counteract the effects from artificial lighting spectrums, I seem to have more trouble in buildings with fluorescent or LED lighting. 
It's been over four years since I was wandering the clinic looking for breakfast and dinner and was terribly disappointed to find all the places to grab a quick bite between tests and appointments are gone.  McDonald's was my scrambled egg source every morning, Subway provided lunch (or dinner), the restaurant had good soups and take out, Au Bon Pain took molti dollari from me and provided both of us with delectable sweets.  All gone now.  Au Bon Pain was shut down by the health department!!  So except for a small shop with bagged junk food, there is a cafeteria.  I hate cafeterias or anywhere I have to read a wall behind the server.  I can't see!  A Panera is coming soon, not my favorite place at all, and two options are not enough for the amount of visitors and patients in that massive clinic.
Have not been stitching for three days because I can barely keep my eyes open long enough for more than ten stitches before needing the drops.  The computer screen doesn't seem to bother me, and I have certainly been on it for extended periods.  Someone tried to hack my Google account and bank account so I had to change passwords, since then I haven't received my email or blog comments.  When I checked this morning, I realized there was only my server account being updated, nothing from gmail since the day I changed the password.  If you emailed me for any reason, sorry, I'm not getting anything until I try to work out the solution.
I am enjoying a warm day at home, in a cloud of stone dust as they fix the front walk.  But after spending the prior warm days inside a building, I won't complain about the dust!!
Hope all is well with everyone.



Meg said...

Sending you a hug across the miles. You deserve a good day.

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad the boys seem to be getting along better! Sorry to hear about the limited choices of food at the clinic! You can look up the Panera menu online and have a general idea of what to get. It would put less stress on your eyes. Thinking of you! Have a restful weekend, Marly!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Poor wee fellow, it's so sad what people do to their pets without a backward glance.

Barb said...

So sorry to hear about your eyes. My DH has the same problem as you with cafeteria type menus! He really finds them difficult! Take care!

Vera said...

Sorry your eyes are still an issue.

It does sound like you have a new cat!!

Heritage Hall said...

Welcome to Marly's Haven, sure know a good thing when you see it...Isn't
she the greatest hostess...? You certainly have had a full week dealing with your
eyes and the hacking, Marly dear. … Good news about Carol's possibilities... Hope
you can relax this weekend and enjoy some R&R...

Truus said...

Hoping your eyes will be better very soon!
A big hug for you
Greetings Truus from Holland

C M Designs said...

I have the same problem with my eyes and lights in stores. Had my lenses made so they darken in the sun and somewhat in stores like Walmart. It does make a bit of difference. I hope you can find something to help your eyes relax and you too.
Praying for the best for Carole.
Nothing new here.
Have a great weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

JustGail said...

Good news on the Cleveland things, except for the eating situation, and on Nosey, at least on the starting to be tolerated instead of fighting. You might not want another to take care of, but at least if they don't fight, there's less chance of vet bills for Nitzy & Budman.
I have burning eyes the minute I walk into work, I think it's the fluorescents. Here at home, not so much unless trying to read or stitch in not enough light. Both places I do lots of computer (way too much at home when I should be doing real-life things!), but I do have the brightness on monitors turned down. So far LED lights don't seem to set my eyes to burning. Good luck on the glasses, I may need the information someday.

Mary said...

I hope you eyes feel better soon, and glad to hear Cleveland has some what good news. A change in meds is a good thing maybe Carole will be doing better soon. Nosey just looks so sad, hope the guys accept him soon. I never understand how people think " cats will survive". I agree most hospitals have awful food. Feeling chilly here in Rhode Island, I cannot wait for winter. love sitting in front of the fireplace.

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