Oct 10, 2019


I think I like the original better, but still a few changes.  The crown with red rubies looks better than the first burgundy velvet one, but I also think the 730 in the crown should be the 832.  I made a mistake in the color of the second line.  I mistook the x for a + but I don't think I would like the charted 730 in the body either.  I will remove those few words and use the 646 instead. 
I am stitching this lengthwise instead of two separate pieces.  The fabric (which I am having difficulty seeing) is either 30 or 32 count and the second chart will be a continuation.  This will be a narrow band, probably fringed at the bottom and a top hanger.  The first one I stitched may be … what's it called?  Flat fold?  Slightly padded with a fabric covered backing that can stand, the second piece will be attached with two center ribbons to make a standing open book.  Maybe.  One of them will be a giveaway and the other probably sold.  First I should finish them!  And the finishes may not turn out to look like what I am expecting so why even mention them?  Isn't it terribly irritating when I get ahead of myself? 

1 comment:

diamondc said...

Marly: I do like them both, I think it depends on ones own choice.
I hope things are good for you.


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