Oct 12, 2019

The never ending finish

Every few months I come across the ponies and try to line it properly, and attach the sewn straps.  This wool is not felted, but still heavier than my usual finish.  The blue ticking lining I chose would add even more bulk so I planned to use the dark brown silky stuff.  Which is no where.  I must have included it in the fabrics I donated.  Then again, it could be hidden in a pile.  Stiff fusibles on front and back still allow the pouch to open so much the lining is visible several inches down and it sticks out far enough to hit it when passing.
A leather closure, a button, small buckle, I don't know.  Attaching the straps to the inside back makes it fall open more, the sides cave it in, and the inside front makes for a wonky hang.  I even made a second strap which would solve the problem but it looked like my mom's old needlework purse.   I wanted to sell this but I don't think it will be a good enough finish to do so.  Maybe if I sewed the opening shut!! There 'ya go!  A pouchless pouch!  For now, I will set it aside while I get the sewing room in order.
How long has a not quite finished finishing project hung around for you?
Have a great weekend!


grandma sandy said...

Maybe a loop closure made from the strap fabric if you still have it, and a plain wood button?

Rugs and Pugs said...


Anonymous said...

I could answer 'decades', too! I have a whole stack of "almost finished" pieces, just waiting for me!
Your sewing room sounds a lot like mine. Maybe if I'd get it organized, the finishing would be easier!
I'm glad to see you're stitching, and finishing, again.
Take care, Marly. Cherie in WI

Truus said...

Have many items laying in a box to finish and some for years.
Love your pouch and some times there is suddenly the answer for the problem when you are looking to something else
Have a great weekend and take care
Greetings Truus from Holland

Ms Peppercorn said...

Hi Marly. I get so frustrated looking for things that I am not even sure I still have so I started a thing where I give myself like 15 minutes to look for it then go to plan B and chose something else I have in hand. Sometimes I like it better. Sometimes it isn’t quite as nice as I was hoping but it is finally finished and I have quit mulling over it!! Like the song in Frozen ...”Let it Go, Let it Go!” We often are too hard on ourselves and we know it but find it hard to change. Your pouch is amazing right now and we all know ANY way you finish it will be beyond breathtaking. If the finished pouch sticks out too much there, move it Marly and relax. BTW, fill us in on the latest Petey stuff. I’m so enjoying reading how this is playing out. ☺️

Margaret said...

I love these horses so so much! I even have the chart kitted up somewhere. I should just stitch the thing! Of course heaven only knows where I put it. Sigh.

rj0929 said...

I really like your bag. You didn’t mention who the designer is. I’d love to know, please.

Meg said...

A very pretty stitch! I hear you about the never-ending, almost-there-but-not-quite-there finish in the making. Mine is "Bittersweet September." I laced and framed it in a hand-painted thrift store frame, and it's just...so..... BLAH. It deserves so much better. In the meantime it has been sitting on my sewing table. Do I unlace it and redo it as a flat fold? Do I order a custom frame that would look better? And where do I want to display it if I ever do finish it? Too many questions. So I procrastinate and do nothing with it.

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