Nov 14, 2019


This afternoon, as their final delivery, the oil truck arrived at Carole's house.  I contacted our state representative and he took action immediately.  She will sleep well tonight!  She also received good news about her blood work.  After changing the Coreg to another drug her kidney function is better than ever.  Her doctor (Cleveland Clinic) has pharmacist associates on his staff to monitor drug interactions, suggest changes, and evaluate numbers in blood work that could relate to drugs.  They call every week to monitor if she has any symptoms and is adjusting.  No improvement in the heart function but maybe given time on the correct drugs, her efficiency will increase.  Our local and new cardiologist has left the area after less than six months.  Here we go again.

Petey sits on his patio and stares at the house when he wants more food.  He cries and cries when I open the door and start his way, and then the hisses ensue.  He seems to want inclusion in the brat pack but they are now ignoring him, instead of visiting or laying in the grass together as they once did.  Missy wants nothing to do with him at all and won't go near him.  She is tiny but a spitfire and has attacked and fought with large males before. 

When BBW had their $4.95 sale, I ordered six pillow sprays for Carole's club exchange.  I don't know why they set a $5 limit, but it's a hassle every year to find a nice gift for that price.  Combine the money and buy a toy for a drive!  Anyway, this is how they came in.  No packing material and each lost the spray nozzle, two stems were broken off and can't be repaired.  Now I have to make another trip to exchange, I'm not taking a chance on another damaged shipment.  Very surprised at this.

Had no trouble getting the certified birth certificate, but left the Real ID office since we would never have been taken care of before closing time.  Wait times are usually around 3 hours.  Took a few photos with my $5 phone of the courthouse.  The marble steps and railings, brass and wood, skylight dome.  The offices are all lined with beautiful built in wood shelves and drawers and bins, mortised brass Victorian door hardware, coffered or beamed ceilings.  Huge marble staircases lead to these upper floors circling the rotunda, all courtrooms and jury rooms. There are several very large ornate homes nearby and I wonder how many have preserved the original features.
Another week gone by.  Summer is getting closer.  Have a great weekend!



C M Designs said...

So glad and thankful that Carole has heat now. Have been praying for both of you.
Sorry that Petey is living by himself. He's so blessed to have his condo and that you are feeding him.
I'm beginning to think that the warmth of summer is better in comparison to this cold blast that we've been given. I came on so Fall/Autumn to speak of.
Don't know why Court houses, etc. need to be so elaborate.
Take care and have an enjoyable weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

JustGail said...

Good news on Carole's meds and oil, and Mark's birth certificate. At least Petey's being ignored, not kicked out of his palace, sometimes it takes quite a while for all to settle down with a newcomer.

I did the real ID thing this fall, and had to get certified copy of marriage license, even though that event happened 42(eek!) years ago and had married name on the SS card. The DL lady looked my SS card over for a long time, she said there's no rhyme or reason how they used to put names on them, some have full middle name, some have only initial. Ticks me off it cost me extra (time & money) to get ML copy, but not men. They make us jump through hoops for a DL and yet they can't seem to do much (don't want to?) about identity theft and the aftermath. Harumph!

The courthouse is gorgeous. Why do courthouses and state houses need to be fancy? My guess is to make the county look prosperous, powerful, and for bragging rights on how much was paid. Sort of like why churches and rich people's houses are *usually* fancy.

diamondc said...

Marly: I am so happy you took the bull by the horn and got this done for Carole, I feel so bad for her.
I hate when I get used to a doctor and then they move on to someplace else.
Nowadays the court house that are being built have no design or character, so sterile looking, I love the old buildings, solidly built and beautiful.
Its a shame that people have to wait in line so long, what the heck did they do before computers, I know hired more people a simple solution at least in my eyes, too many business's reply on technology to get a job done.

Have A Lovely Week

Ms Peppercorn said...

I’ve decided not to bother with the Real ID and just use my passport when flying, which isn’t much these days. To me it’s just another knee jerk reaction government employees have instituted that will produce minuscule reductions to terroristic attacks but will be a pain in the arse to law abiding citizens.

Heritage Hall said...

Such good news on Carole's warmth and meds solution...Sorry about her doctor's
departure. It is a blessing she has such efficient RX monitor for her dosage.
We are becoming a do-it-yourself society in so many areas, despite increased costs.
You are such a grace note in Carole's life, Marly..she is blessed to have you and
Mark. Petey seems to be one lucky creature and is probably counting his luck stars
being there this Winter.

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