Nov 16, 2019

For Vickie

A very quick visit to Kraynak's today, mainly because I cannot handle crowds.  No where to park, wall to wall people, most oblivious to the other customers whose path they are blocking.  They just stand there!!   The tree areas weren't bad, but the other greenhouses were packed.  Saw a young child obviously affected by chemo and that did it.  My hot flashes may have dropped a few notches down the Scoville heat scale, but the touchy emotions are still raging.

Frozen 2 is taking over, even Christmas trees!  I thought Vickie would like to see the pink.

Aisle after aisle, row after row.  The larger trees are these four long rows.

Regular and smaller sizes are a few steps down.

The sides of this area have greenhouse tables filled with the tabletop sizes ranging from miniature to three foot.  White and silver seem to be a theme this year from ornaments to trees.  Two other greenhouses are filled with ornaments, garland, stockings, decorations of any kind.  The store area is all toys and sports collections, and the first greenhouse is all lighting.  If it's made, they have it.  Yes I've shown Kraynak's before, but it's all we have around here so you'll have to allow my indulgence!  I so miss Pat Catan's.

And with hundreds of trees, did not find what I would like.  Mark is not surprised.

In case you are a fan of Bath & Body Works and don't receive their emails, today only they are offering their lotions (regular $13.50) for $2.95 (in store or online).



diamondc said...

Marly: I love seeing the trees, they are lovely even the colored ones.
Thanks for the Bat and Body works update.


Vickie said...

😍Oh yes! I love the pink trees! Tried to convince Brian we needed one, when we bought a new tree two years ago. NOPE. At least I got the pink lights! You know me, I would put pink lights on a pink tree! Whole hog baby!

Barb said...

That looks like a fun place to visit! But crowds drive me crazy too! My Dad hated crowds and at times I think I am becoming my Dad!

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