Dec 13, 2019

The tag tree

Hello people!  Surgery cancelled for today.  Since I would not be asleep and having a bit of a cold, I could sneeze.  When I do, people duck thinking a lung will be flying by, not delicate by any standard.  Not even normal.  He did not want to be working on me when my body is rocked by the quake and he has scalpel in hand.  So instead, my sister comes over with her tablet that she just can't figure out, even with page after page of my handwritten instructions.  Rather than stay and pay attention, she leaves, I waste over an hour deleting the Google garbage and notifications, and she doesn't return to pick it up.   Last night was another episode of irresponsibility on my nephew's part regarding his pump and I wasted a lot of time trying to locate his missing reservoirs from other suppliers.  She tells me to order it because he can't (he has a phone with data) and even if he could, does not have a credit card.  So I have to take over once again, all for naught, when his friend lends him a few after work.

  Needless to say, no stitching yet!!  But I did get the little tag tree decorated.  I filled in with the tin ornaments that I love from Pat Catans.  Do you think my vintage tiny glass ornaments would be better?  As I look at these photos, the tin being the shape and size of the tags looks monotonous.

I think it tuned out very nice, but I still plan to see if the tiny colored glass would look better.  If I had taken the time to learn Instagram without a phone, I would post it.  But I didn't.  

Maybe I should purchase more tags to do a folk art tree next year. Better yet, print them now before the old printer croaks again.  I doubt we will repair it next time since I no longer make the box labels.  

I feel a sneeze coming.  Best move away from the tree.

Have a great weekend!!



diamondc said...

Marly: So sorry they cancelled you again.
I hope you recover super duper fast.
I had the same problem with my Mother and her IPAD, finally I just showed her how to play bingo that was it that was all she wanted to do, okay with me.
I totally love your tree, it is so vintage looking so perfect.
I hope have a lovely weekend.

Merry Christmas

Heritage Hall said...

Sorry about the cancellation, but all in God's better time. Just love the tree...
perfect, not monotonous...but.... why not sprinkle some of the glass ornaments with
the others to see if that adds the variety you want. I would not want to eliminate
the metal ones.... By the way, are they available anywhere? just love them.
Hope you have a restful weekend.... and that your Sister and Nephew realize what
a sainted blessing they have in you.

Barb said...

Sorry to hear about the cancellation but better safe than sorry! Your tag tree is wonderful!!

C M Designs said...

Love your little tree. One of each would be wonderful, tags and tin.
I hope, one day, really soon, you can get your surgery over with.
Thinking of you,
Charlotte in Va.

Annmarie said...

Marly, I love your tree and it's so creative and personal and WONDERFUL.
Hope you will be feeling well soon. Take care. HUGS

JustGail said...

Sorry about the surgery cancelation, but that's better than a sudden sneeze while the scalpel is in use. I like your tree as is, though my taste runs to think it needs a bit of sparkle. Not a lot, a bit here and there. Then again, my tree is usually a wild mix of ornaments and colors.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love your tag tree, Marly! What a fabulous idea! Sorry the surgery was canceled, but better to be safe.

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