Dec 9, 2019

Where the boys are

This year, in the kitchen so I can see them all day.

I think they're happy here.  I have an itch to stitch them again.  Over two, one thread, 35 count instead of 28.  Have any of you used a higher count linen?  Do you think this finished size is more appropriate for these boys than using a higher count?  I haven't tried 36 since the eye issue and maybe even the magnifier won't be enough.  I spent way too much this year, would like to get a light I saw recommended, will wait for it.

I need a pair of comfortable shoes and checked JCP during their big sale on Clark's.  I found two boxes that contained pairs of old beat up shoes, which means two upstanding citizens tried on new expensive shoes and walked out of the store with them.  That was only my size in one brand, just think of how many other boxes contain used shoes from women who think they are entitled.   So honest people end up paying higher prices to compensate for theft from criminals.  Oh wait.  If you're in California, Proposition 47 allows you to steal (a misdemeanor offense but it's rarely enforced) if it's under $950 whether from an elderly person's home or a store.  Think of what you can accumulate if you do that every week.  

Mark is slowly improving, thank you!  Hope your week is starting good and only gets better.



Meg said...

Hi, Marly! I’ve gotten really behind on blog reading. Please forgive me.

I love the Santa in your header. Is he from one of the Leisure Arts annual Christmas hardcover books? I picked up a bunch of those used on Amazon for just a couple dollars each a few years ago, and they have some of the most lovely Victorian Christmas designs.

I hope Mark is on the mend. Flu can be scary and so frustrating trying to get better. I try to be consistent with hand washing, and I try to keep from putting my fingers near my mouth or eyes unless I know my hands are clean. This year I’ve gotten sick twice, though, which is unusual for me. Just common colds.

Your Santa’s are awesome. 😉 I have so many want-to-stitch projects that once I stitch something I rarely want to stitch it again. If you want to do them again on a higher count, I would!

Grrrrrr about the shoes in Penney’s. My husband’s grandfather would say, “If you’re going to steal something, steal a million dollars. Whether you steal something small or something big, you’re a thief, so you might as well be a good one.” Why brand yourself a thief over a lousy pair of shoes? Pathetic. I believe in juju... what goes around comes around.

Were you able to find some good (new) shoes?

Anonymous said...

Marly, I really like the Santa boys in the window. Try Kohls for Clarks, I got a great deal over Black Friday. They were on sale, got another 20% off and then Kohls cash. I only wear Clarks because fit me so well. Glad Mark feeling better. Hope the furrballs are doing well.

Sandra said...

OMG I have never heard of people leaving their old shoes behind, I can't believe that there aren't assistants keeping an eye on things. But, they probably don't have assistants any more as they are trying to cut costs. Our local supermarket is doing away with check out assistants and customers are expected to scan their own shopping. Me and my husband are too old for this sort of thing, but there is nowhere else to go apart from miles away.

Truus said...

Love your Christmas decorations!Simple and stylish!
You find some other shoes that fit well?
Stay save
Greetings,Truus from Holland

Annmarie said...

You are so creative and always come up with ideas that get me going.....I'm good at copying someone else's ideas. Hope your days are happy and the season joyful.

C M Designs said...

Love your "boys" in your kitchen window. That's where we spend most of our time, so why not decorate there.
I hope Mark can "throw" the flu off quickly and will be feeling much better very soon.
Your tell on the shoe thing is unbelievable. Never heard of such a thing. Next, they will have to (or should have already" put sensors on the shoes. I love Clark's shoes. Have bought most of mine, in years past, from QVC. They wear so well and are comfortable.
Take care. Thinking of you.
Charlotte in Va.

Margaret said...

Been blog catching up as always. I'm still stuck on shots between the toes. And incisions? Yikes! I assume you still haven't done that yet? Hope everyone is healthy or getting healthy at yours. Flu is nasty stuff.

Krissy B. said...

Flu here too. Yuk! Love the Santas. I have also seen that happen with switching things out and wearing the new pair out of the store. Shoplifting is a massive problem for store owners and companies.Very sad that people were raised to think it's OK. I had someone take my newer expensive shoes and leave me horrible bad shoes when Mark and I went to a home tour. I was so bummed and it definitely put a damper on our day.I now where shoes that I don't care about when we go anywhere public that shoes have to be removed. I have an old pair of backless tenners that I've been using for a few years now and funny thing, no one has stolen them. Glad Marks on the mend. Christmas is almost here and I'm so not ready. Hugs.

Mary said...

The boys look great in the windows. The old shoe if this was truly a poor person or a person in need I would understand. Although I would guess it is a person was has a new I phone and drove there in a nice car. I worked in retail for a while you would be surprise at the returns ( worn) it was a person who could well afford that dress. Use to make me very angry, I was the sales associate who said I am sorry I can tell you wore that dress! Glad mark is feeling better.

Carole said...

Marly, I have problems (foot surgery, arthritis, neuroma, etc.) and I can’t wear many shoe styles any more. Two brands of shoes that I have found to be the most comfortable with good support are SAS shoes and shoes by Vionic. I believe there is a SAS store at the Grove City outlets. They are somewhat expensive but wearing them reduces my pain and discomfort considerably. The Vionic shoes that I have (only one pair) are like wearing slippers, yet have good support.

Wishing you and Mark a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthier new year.

Barb said...

I love the Santas just as they are. I have been using 36 count lately. I was a 32 only person before. I like using just one thread. I think that is my favorite part of the 36 count. I need to think about a light and magnifier. I do use 4.0 magnifiers and that helps a lot. I do get in trouble if I try to look beyond my stitching!

Carol said...

I love the "boys" this large! I always stitch on 40 ct. (or over one on 28 ct.) simply because I can't stand using two threads. But, I'm thinking I might like to do a larger pillow sized PS Santa one of these years. Love how you have your boys displayed this year, Marly!

Susan said...

The boys are fabulous!!! I love how you have them displayed!

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