Jan 9, 2020

Ann progress and Amazon

Hi folks!  I got my dust wand order and I must say I'm pretty pleased.  The OXO has the nicer fibers and will certainly clean my black chairs with ease.  It's flat and bendable which allows it to slip through closely spaced back spindles and stair railings nicely.   I plan to order a replacement head for it and think it is the best of bunch.  

The other has very fine fibers and the long head bends to any angle for the flat top of bookcases or cabinets.  

There are two heads so I bent one completely in half to make a short and wide duster.  The wand extends a long way and is very sturdy, no bending!!   I do like the OXO better but for the price, will keep the long one with the wand for dusting along the walls and cobweb corners, and out of reach spots.

 I know the Oxo will wash well and I imagine the other will also, but of course, no dryer since that removes the static charge the holds the dust.  I still mist the dusters lightly with water which is probably not recommended?????  Will test with and without on the black chairs.

The shaver I received did a fantastic job.  I purchased the electric because battery units I've had slowed down quickly, and for the price (including two replacement blades) it's a steal.  I'm ordering another.  I much prefer shopping locally, but when there are no locals, I plan to use Amazon which I've mostly avoided until recently.  But I need to be more careful and check merchants.  The foot deodorant for Matt (a common brand) is coming from across the pond.  The delivery date showed a week to three weeks, that should have tipped me off.  I also won't order anything that is not free returns, but I do have a local Kohl's that will return and pack for free.  Catherine mentioned that she was refused a return by Kohl's, now I want to check with mine.  Maybe only items shipped from Amazon are allowed?  The suppliers (like the overseas deodorant) that ship from their stores may not be included?  Anyone know?

After almost two days of not being able to focus near or far, I did some stitching on Ann.  I plan to do the over one as eyesight allows.  Making an appointment with the specialist today.  My eyes are getting bad too quickly and I highly doubt it is from the medication that can cause damage since I am on a low dose.  But I need to check.
 There is one motif left on the far right and I would like to add the other sampler before I start it to make sure it is properly placed.  I don't trust my counting.  Lots of purple in this one which is not evident in the color photos.   I'm glad I started at the top and counted off of that area rather than the tree.  Since I had problems with it, it is not as charted and some motifs do not line up.  I don't suspect there will be a problem since most of the elements can be moved a few threads.

We're very cold but there is a warm up coming.  We're both dragging our butts because the virus is lingering, not enough to be sick, but enough to be crabby.

Hope your week has been good!

Thanks for visiting.



diamondc said...

Marly: I know what you mean about the not being sick but crabby, Mike is now full blown ill, I am over it but crabby, what is that, I am never crabby, okay sometimes bitchy but never crabby, giggles.
Are you still weak after your flu/cold? just curious.
I do like the sampler even the purple, not sure why all of a sudden purple is a color I like, I am working on a design that has purple in it.
I have a non name brand duster I found at the dollar store, it is amazing for a dollar, I am looking up the OXO brand today, thank-you for the information.
Good luck with the eye doctor, it just may be the medication.


Cynthia said...

I recently had a return to Amazon and it was originally shipped from Best Buy. Kohl's would not take it, but UPS did with no charge and they packed it up for me. I'm thinking that items that are shipped from Amazon are the ones that Kohl's will take. All others go to UPS.


C M Designs said...

Prayers for your eyes to get better so you can enjoy stitching.
Charlotte in Va.

Carol said...

Sorry you're still dragging from your virus, Marly, but I'm so happy to see the progress you've made on Ann. Good idea to favor your eyes and just do the over one a bit at a time.

Will have to investigate those dusters--both look like things that could really help me. I hate any dusting other than on straight flat, uncluttered surfaces (and there certainly aren't many of them around here :)

Enjoy your warm weekend--I may even venture out for a walk tomorrow if the 66 degree forecast proves true!

Margaret said...

I love how Ann is looking! Such a bummer that that virus is still present enough to be causing any crabbiness or anything else. I use Amazon but am learning more about them from you -- thanks!

moosecraft said...

I am tempted with those dusters! I do love it when my home is clean....but don't enjoy using a lot of time to keep it clean! lol!
Speaking from experience, I can say that dry eyes can make your vision blurry. I started taking 5,000 iu of Vitamin d3 daily, and have some improvement....even the dryness has lessened. I think I remember you mentioning that you already take vitamin d...so, not sure I am of much help with sharing this information...

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