Jan 12, 2020

Have you felt it?

Wow.  As I told Jennifer who was so kind to email me with this information, I need to find a smaller rock to live under.  Have you all heard of Bitzy Bobs?  There is a felt thread holder on Etsy from ThatsSoKellyCo called Bitzy Bob.  It comes as a single pad (Basic), larger open pad (Cutie), snap closed in three sizes (Bitsy Bob 1, 2, and Biggie), and customs in your own fabrics.  You can keep your left overs or short pieces in these popular items, slip extra felt pages into its bag to store with a project.  There isn't much available right now, but you can browse her Sales tab to see prior offers.

With the floss cabinet hubby built, I don't want to go into another storage method but I have seen some really good options from you.  I do plan to get the cards/drops with the large hole to try.  They can be stored in these same Floss Away bags.

Thank you Kelly for the video link showing how to pull a single thread from a thread drop.
Didn't know they were called drops.  And didn't think that pulling just one thread would be possible, assumed the six strand would be pulled out and then separated.  I really feel foolish for not knowing but when your friends have no interest at all in needlework and you've been decades without a shop, does that warrant a pass?  Or with online options is there no excuse?  Flosstube has opened my eyes to many products and do-dads.  I think Laura has more floss ring tags than I have bracelets (love them) and more stitching bags than I have shoes (in my lifetime). 

Petey has an injury to his paw, probably a fight because he was really messed up last weekend.  Dirty, matted, muddy.  He hangs here all day, must have happened during the night.  I can't get as close as I was before, he is obviously more cautious.  We are giving him additional cans of food and going out to talk to him, today he came to the house and although still limping, seems to be improving.  He is being tolerated by the boys from a distance, but Missy is afraid of him.

That's all folks!

Hope you have a great week.



Kaisievic said...

Wow! That BitzyBob looks like a great idea although probably a bit pricey for me once I convert from USD to AUD and add postage - oh well!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Never heard of a Bitzy Bob, but as you know I live under a REALLY big rock :)
Poor Petey. I hope he is ok.

Krissy B. said...

OMG! I am going to go and try this. Can it really be that easy? I hope so. Love the box that Mark made and the finish on it is so perfect. I'd love to learn how to get a finish like that.You are both talented with good taste. Poor Petey and Missy. Worrying from afar. Hugs.

diamondc said...

Marly: Love the thread box, your husband did a beautiful job.
I have been a puller for years, I found it was the best way to get one thread.
I feel so bad for Petey, I hope he heals super fast.


Truus said...

Thank you for the link of how to pull a thread from the floss-never seen this before!
Poor Petey-do hope there will be no infection on his paw.
Have a great day
Greetings,Truus from Holland

Mary said...

You don't need to tell me about Bitzybobs, I have quite a few. , well if a few is less than a dozen right? I use a different one for each project. Everything matching, I know silly. A lot of them match or at least coordinate with my Mama Joan project bags. That thread storage box is extraordinary. I hope Petey gets better very soon. As you know paw injuries do heal it's those accesses from fights that are dangerous. I know that for a fact!

JustGail said...

I *think* I've heard of Bitzybobs now that I see them. I don't have any though. It looks like maybe a piece of flannel, batting or other "grabby" fabric would work as a temporary stand-in until you decide to go for fancy? If you want to try that, let me know and I can send you some.

My threads are in a mess right now. I started with my 6 strand floss on bobbins. Then I hit a couple of estate and shop closeout sales in the last couple of years, most of that is laying loose in skeins or in recloseable snack baggies. And now it seems Ziplock has changed their snack bag sizes from rectangles to squares, or at least I can't find the original size at local stores. Well the grocery has them for 2x the price of big box sources were. I LOVE your thread chest, Mark did a great job on it.

Thanks for that video about pulling part of a strand! Even if you were surrounded by stitchers and shops, that's no guarantee they'd know about all the tricks. And if you don't have the right search terms, internet can be worse than useless. So absolutely you get a pass.

laurie mc k said...

I can't get over Mark's thread box. It's gorgeous! Good job!

Amanda said...

I need a BIG rock to crawl under.... I use bobbins and fishing bait boxes to store my threads - can't stand having things dangling, and lots of little bags to fish through would get on my nerves and would be all over the house. But I do love your box. My system is practical, but has all the esthetic appeal of a kitchen garbage can which is why it lives in the closet. Am having trouble seeing, reading glasses don't work because my eyes take 2 different prescriptions, am looking at headband magnifiers with lamps. Ever thought about those? Got the idea watching the Brit show The Repair Shop and art restoration videos on YouTube. Can't find any quite that fancy, but it's given me Ideas. Uh-oh.

Anonymous said...

Marly, thank you for bringing this up. There's lots of solutions! I've never heard of the Bitsybob's or the way to pull a single thread.
That may be the answer for me. I spent the better part of this morning looking for my thread. It was hanging on my fuzzy robe!!
Cherie in WI

Carol said...

Yes, I have heard of Bitsybob's and thought they looked like a great way to store floss for individual projects. Kelly's work is so lovely, too! But, thank you, thank you for sharing the video on pulling out a single thread, Marly! I had NO IDEA and have been unknotting the entire skein of thread each time and reknotting it. And my overdyed threads look like a mess! This is life-changing for me--ha ha :)

Anonymous said...

cattycrosstiches on etsy makes a nice little mat for your loose threads she will have an update on 1/20 , she sold out right now

Vera said...

Love your thread box! Gorgeous. Still just knitting and not stitching for me. I wonder if I'll ever go back to stitching? Hope Petey is ok.

Kelly said...

I’m also under the same rock. I’ve been stitching for 40+ years and never knew about pulling a single thread. I found the video a couple of weeks ago and figured I would pass i along.

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