Jan 2, 2020

The only pole I will dance with

And the valley breathes a sigh of relief.  Greetings folks.  Several of you asked about the duster and after browsing Amazon, I chose this option to order (they all look to be the same actually).  My current is shorter with a heavier strand which is fine, but I think the small strands would actually catch more dust.  So for the large one with extensions, this bendable is my choice, but I plan to order smaller/shorter ones also for more delicate dusting and easier handling for smaller items.  This unit comes with two heads.  Even if every speck of dust is not picked up, the result is still less time, less pain, and better result than using my crooked hand.

 The smaller OXO brand with replaceable head are probably at Target and other places, also getting this one.

I have to mention that I am becoming more aware that so many products offered online and especially the clothing sites, may list their address in the US but the product is actually shipped from China.  For a return, it would cost more than the item.  Two firefighter hoodies that were ordered before Christmas have still not arrived, and although "returnable" is listed, I would have to ship to China.  The US address is only an office where the orders are routed through a computer.  It isn't easy to find that info either.  Several FB ads for really nice sweaters do not have an physical address when visiting their webpage. 

I listed my Dad's harvest soup recipe on the recipe blog, click here if you'd like to try it.  My potatoes were Yukon so they are yellow in the photo.

Once again, Petey, at midnight.  Will not allow me to get near him yet.

I am considering a PRP injection into my lips.  The tight binding dryness is driving me nuts and with no other options, I may spend a ton of money to try this.  They are shriveled to the point of nonexistence. Topical products provide some relief but this is not chapped lips.  The dryness is inside, the cells, the tissue.  Anyone ever try PRP for any reason?

We're going back to Cleveland Monday, praying for no snow.  Routine talk with a pharmacist, that's all, no doctor or testing.  She could do that here but still has not chosen a cardiologist since ours has passed away and his replacement left.  I can only try my best to reason with her, can't force her to be more responsible.  She had a brief TIA when here for dinner, right side of her mouth dropped and she could not pronounce words for about 15 seconds.  It's why when asked if I have children I answer YES, an 81 year old.

Have a good day.



Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, did I ever learn a lesson about ordering some boots seen on Facebook. They looked so cute and little did I know they would take 6+ weeks to arrive from China. They were not shipped until I started emailing the company. When I received them...what garbage!!! And yes, returning to China was ridiculously expensive. BUT...did you know that if you pay using PayPal, they will reimburse shipping charges up to $30 and you can use the free return shipping 12 times a year? So...bottom line is it cost me about $39 to return the garbage...I was reimbursed $30...so I was only out $9 instead of the entire cost of the boots. Lesson learned.
Here's hoping for good weather for your trip to Cleveland. Your comment about your 81 year old child made me laugh.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy New Year Sweetpea... I know exactly what you mean....but my child is only 63. I just don’t understand why I can’t claim him as a dependent on my taxes, sigh. ;-). Yes, I learned the China lesson the hard way....with a pair of shoes. I read Lauren’s comment and didn’t realize Paypal reimburses shipping. Gah....wish I had known! See what I learn from blogging LOL?? The soup looks delicious. I’m a soup freak....and the weather in Nod makes for a great number of perfect soup days. When I decided I needed to get away for a while and came up to the lake, I neglected to bring much for groceries, so my meals have been a bit “interesting” shall we say? I suppose now that I can get out I should consider going to town to get some groceries if I plan on staying much longer. Awwww....poor little Petey. If he only knew how spoiled he could be. Fingers crossed for good weather for your travels. Wow...you must be kinda close to lots of places. ~Robin~

Heritage Hall said...

Happy New Year beautiful lady..... I got hooked on your description of the wands and
remembering your describing different colors, I ordered the 3 color set from Amazon.
The loops resembled the ones in your picture...they got very good reviews on Amazon.
Thank you for the heads up. Safe travel and good results on your journey to Cleveland. Petey is getting closer and closer...he knows who his "spoiler" is....

JustGail said...

@Rugs and Pugs - Thanks for the tip on PayPal and return shipping! I had no idea.

Thanks for the info on the dusters, Marley. I've been using a disposable duster, but yeah - dispo$able, and it seems like they don't hold as much any more. Or maybe I should dust more often? Maybe the Cleveland doctors and pharmacist can convince Carole she needs someone closer, especially after the TIA??

Robin in Virginia said...

Marly, thanks for the information about the microfiber dusters. Hope there is no snow for your trip to Cleveland on Monday. Perhaps the pharmacist could offer recommendations for a cardiologist. Just a thought! Have a peaceful weekend!

Vera said...

That soup looks and sounds delicious - thanks for the recipe. I love a big old pot of soup in the winter and often will make a pot just cleaning out the frig of all veggies. Hope there is no snow for you Monday!

Mary said...

Oh Petey! I could not resist him at the door. Of course husband and two other cats would object !

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