Feb 13, 2020

Motif a day

Another tree with bird and stag, starting on a large floral vase tonight.

Something I can't understand.  I went to Brightech's website and can only find floor lamps, no magnifiers.  Other sites carry them, but I thought I visited their site a few weeks ago and the magnifiers were all offered and described.  I emailed and explained my purchase/return from Amazon after I found that the purchase was actually fulfilled by Amazon but sold by Brightech, not a third party.  So I guess you can't order from them directly and I'm hoping to get an explanation about what I received.

I did order another Magma (Knitter's Pride pattern holder) in the smaller size.  Another brain blunder - I forgot that the strap allows it to stand for viewing.  There is a pocket on the other side.  I was surprised to see that they come in a few prints now.

We have lightening, thunder, snow, ice and scaredy cats.  Petey is a maniac and fighting with yellow cat, trying to corner Missy, and obviously it's mating season.  I did get the roundworm medicine mixed into a little tuna and he ate it.  Again in two weeks.

Gave my duster a haircut.  Still loving how easily they dust my chair spindles and rails.

Tomorrow will be very cold, and my 9 year anniversary to blogging.  Geez. Where are the years going?

Thanks for visiting!



C M Designs said...

Happy Valentine's Day and congratulations on your nine year anniversary.
Sending love and hugs,
Charlotte in Va.

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary. I love samplers with lots of motifs, everyone counts as a finish! Sorry you have to listen to cats fights, an awful sound. In my neighborhood ( only during the day ) it is my orange male cat chasing off wondering ferals or new to neighborhood. Scared of his own shadow and strangers but a cat in the yard and he becomes Godzilla!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy BlogBirthday! I do not cross stitch, have cats or siblings, or live where there is snow. But I have truly enjoyed reading all about your life. I've even quit getting flu shots because of your ordeal with your eyes. I sympathize because I have eye conditions but not nearly as severe as yours. I do hope that when I retire in 18 months I can learn to cross stitch. It's on the list. I love your snarky sense of humor - please continue keeping us informed and entertained. Love from Texas! Leslie

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy you are still blogging. I will have been blogging 11 years in May. The years sure are flying by.
Thankfully we only have one day of this cold weather. We sure have been spoiled this winter.

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