Feb 19, 2020

Motif a day

Making progress.

A stag with a pink tail, short leg, and clubhoof

A plant without a top
 Precariously balanced flowers

 A nicely done floral

And the group in harmony with the green polka dot dog.



Vickie said...

I love this group! :)

Heritage Hall said...

This lovely sampler is a winner...… You are doing great, Marly !!!

Prims By The Water said...

Looks good! Janice

Truus said...

Very pretty this group.
How was your visit to the doctor?
Have a good day
Greetings, Truus from Holland

Penny said...

A very pretty sampler. And fun to see what’s coming around the corner!

Vera said...

Club hoof indeed!! LOL I do love all these little motifs.

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