Feb 21, 2020

Motif a day

The large blue vase is finished.  I did change the flower color from 3046 to 758 since the pale yellow is not pleasing on this shade of linen and barely noticeable.  I love 758 with the 930 series and I think it goes nicely with the other colors. 

Problem is, there should be space between them and the stag.  I've checked every motif placement and they are all correct!  Somewhere there is an error but I've counted numerous times and can't find it.  There's plenty of room to move the stag away from the flower, not sure I will.  This sampler is all over the place without rhyme or reason, but doesn't it bug you when there is a counting error that you just cannot find?  Time for a cup of Calm.

The NP that I saw the other day told me to calm down with a natural and safe product called Calm from Natural Vitality.  She also told me to deal with the loss and just get a wig.  Seems BP consistently over 135/85 (up to 165/95) can be controlled if I start exercising, cutting out salt, and not thinking about my hair loss.  She has a head of hair that could cover a bear and has no idea the emotional toll it takes when you are losing it all.

Calm is magnesium powder that when added to water makes a fizzy drink.  But you can't take too much because it will work like Milk of Magnesia.  Supposedly, it is a natural anti anxiety anti stress remedy that releases the excess calcium from muscles to relax them or yadda yadda I don't know.  I ordered it online from Walmart and it came today, haven't taken it yet but will start out slowly.  I go back in three months, but not sure if it will be at this office.

Have a great Saturday folks.



C M Designs said...

Have just finished one of the PS Prairie Christmas charts. The outline is way off on one side and perfect on the other. I know what you mean about counting and not being able to find the mistake. I did the best I could and who is going to know but me.
I take a prescription drug to be "calm". Don't know how I'd be if I wasn't taking it. Your "Calm" sounds interesting, but don't think I should be using both. I hope it works for you.
I hope your weekend will be an enjoyable, pleasant one.
Charlotte in Va.

moosecraft said...

Only move the stag if it bothers you...everyone else would think it belongs there...;-)
I've tried "Calm". It's an acquired taste....and found that taking magnesium tabs (250mg-500mg) a day works just as well.
Does not help with hair thinning though...and yes, folks with a thick head of hair just don't "get it" when you mention hair thinning...

Mugwump Woolies said...

I've used Calm and it's o.k. I prefer chelated magnesium in tablet form. Magnesium is good for nerves and sleep. Don't take too much...it is a natural laxative. Calm also comes in jelly chews so you can keep them in your purse when traveling. They taste better than the powder.
Annie and I both deal with hair loss due to low thyroid. For the past several months we have been using Jason's Restorative Biotin Shampoo. I've tried other brands and did not expect much. All of a sudden I noticed less hair in the brush. Annie has several inches of new growth here and there around her face. I am now a true believer in this product! I get ours at Whole Foods, but they carry it everywhere.
Good luck!

JustGail said...

I like your color change to the flowers. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the spacing between the other motifs, so I wouldn't worry about the stag and vase. Unless someone else has stitched this, and has photographic memory, no one will ever know it differs from the pattern. That is - if you don't tell anyone else.

Carol said...

Love your blues and yellow together, Marly! One of my favorite color combinations. Counting errors are so frustrating, but in the case of most samplers I think that no one would ever notice :)

Have never heard of Calm, but it sounds interesting. I hope it works for you--keep us posted!

Rugs and Pugs said...

You are making great progress on a "motif a day". I never would have noticed the placement problem. I'd learn to live with it...lol!
I hope Calm helps you calm!!!

Heritage Hall said...

A stag never gets that close?....ever? Who are these judges? If a stag can have a
shortened tail, then it might help to pull out a few stitches and shorten it
Otherwise, the old adage "a plane flying over will never notice it.." should suffice

Vickie said...

Leave the stag. Hope the calm helps.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Saturday to you GF.... I sorta cringed when you mentioned that counting error LOL. I have always been a stickler about exactness when stitching and double count EVERYTHING from different points of reference. However, on one of my last "littles" that I did, I discovered a 1-stitch error SOMEWHERE when I was all but finished with it. When I finally tracked down the source (yes, I did....after several wasted evenings looking), it would mean taking everything out because it was in my very first motif. Well, I pulled up my Marly panties and said, nope, gonna leave it...after all, I would ruin the linen taking that all out and it was just a pinkeep that I planned to use...and, after all, it was primitive. So on I went...and finished the last few stitches...and then commenced on the border. Yup, a BORDER...than now did not match up as it should because of the 1-stitch error. So I thought heck...I'll just adjust and compensate. And a 1 stitch error became 2....and when I got to the next side, it became 3 or it wouldn't match up....and, well, you get the picture. Worst part was, I had to sew the piece together so those mismatched borders were next to each other. Guess that will teach me. But finished it is...and why is it I feel the need to confess??? Carry on and all will be well with the world. (My confessional's open if you need it....) And, yes, I agree about the hair loss thing. I used to have a head of hair like a wooly sheep...so much so that I had to have it thinned. But yet another side affect of my AI issues is a completely out-of-whack Ferratin (iron) level...and, yup...thinning hair. I tell ya....this growing old ain't for sissies. Hope all is well otherwise over on your side of the world. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin. (PS....I like your innovative thread thingy...but gotta ask...Don't your kitties steal your threads? I can't leave a thread anywhere or it will be stolen....my strips of wool too....Can't even leave an unfinished length of wool in a rug or it will be ripped out by morning's light.)

CathieJ said...

Be sure to limit the amount of magnesium you take or you will never see the outside of the bathroom. I need to take calcium pills, but they alone have the opposite effect so I take the ones with magnesium added in. I can only take them every other day though. I am so sorry about the hair loss. I can totally understand your anxiety about it. I also totally understand the frustration with your cross-stitch. I am working on a piece that also has random placement and I hate it. I have had several issues with motifs being in the wrong place and having a difficult time figuring out what went wrong. Arghhhh! I just decided that the mistakes are my personalization of the piece. I do like the flower color that you chose.

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