Mar 4, 2020

Motif a day

Two more floral and smalls.  I do not like the stems in 739, barely visible, and I may replace with a green or tan.  For the next two florals I will use the 758 instead of 950, just to add more color to that corner.

Some motifs have been a little strange, but it's nothing like this sandwich. 

My aunt had a little sandwich wagon WAY back in time when the area was booming with steel mills and Westinghouse.  My sister worked with her during summers (I was an infant at the time) and the biggest seller was her Lenten sandwich.  Hundreds every Friday!  I don't know how she came up with this (or maybe it was common at the time) but it's weird.  And after I had one today, damn good.  But weird.

Start with a slice of white American cheese and ONLY white American (others do not work).
Spread a layer of cole slaw.  Yep.  Cole slaw.  I always add a little sugar to cut the bitterness.  You knew that I'm sure.
Top it off with a sliced hard boiled egg.  That's right.  Weird.

But it's not bad!  I enjoyed it.  My sister eats them (with two slices of cheese) throughout Lent and loves them.  I wondered if it was the memory of serving all those hunks or the actual sandwich and she still insists, it's the sandwich.  I think the hunks helped.

Not much interest in the threads holder so Mark decided to just make another for me and maybe a few that I could gift.  My current one does not have a magnet to hold needles or the hook for scissors and the brats don't bother it at all.  I can stand it in my tote when done for the day.  It's not meant for storage, just to hold the rings or bags while stitching.  Trying thread drops for the first time, I would prefer hanging them and handling less.

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JustGail said...

That sounds rather tasty. Instead of slathering the bread with mayo, use cole slaw. I haven't seen white American cheese for a while though. Then again, I haven't been looking for it either.

I suspect there are lots of foods like this sandwich that have been lost over time.

As I was stitching a bit yesterday, I kept your thread stand idea in mind. I was wondering if there would be a way to add one to the stand, and I came up with nothing. Any place handy would be in the way of the magazine basket and trash can on the left, which is why I took off the wood tray the stand came with. And I have no good place to set one on the table to the right.

Vickie said...

Your sandwich looks good actually, but since Brian and I became Orthodox years ago, for Lent we have to give up all dairy and all meat. It is very restrictive. I find cooking challenging.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, I guess there is one good thing about being Missouri Synod need to give up anything....especially in the food department LOL. Which is also a good thing because I have never seen white American cheese....and I'm from the dairy state. And, wonder I wouldn't likely have a use for the thread holder....I rarely manage to get more than one thread in in a sitting....why would I have to hold other colors handy??? ;-) ~Robin~

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