Apr 5, 2020

Sunny Sunday

What are you up to?  I hope to work outside a little, depending on how well the sunglasses work.  I really need to lose this weight so I can bend without losing my breath and have a little more stamina.  Once again, new panties needed in a size up!  The others screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear.  I haven't left the house since I got sick but may this week since I am much better and will have a mask, and I dread putting on jeans.  They don't scream as loud, more of a moaning since they are stretchy.  Carole can't get an order through to Walmart for pickup, they are just so booked for two days in advance and additional days are not offered.  We will have to do her shopping.  They are limiting the number of shoppers in the store and when I heard that I pictured the older shoppers I always see, bent over, barely walking, that will be standing outside in line.  I have never seen these older folks in sloppy clothes, the men and women both are dressed so neat and nice.  Compared to the younger with pajama bottoms, slippers, and hoodies that need washed.

  Whenever I am ill and my immune system kicks in, it also exasperates the Sjogren's.  So my lips are horrible, my tongue is again full of tiny splits, and I can't take any light.  I never had curtains in this room but the sun reflects off the wood floor and I can't even be in the room.  So I grabbed my osnaburg and without even ironing, hung these makeshift whatever-they-are to control the angle.  I guess I will need to get some sort of blind here or make my own roman shades.

The boys are enjoying the warmer weather.  Poor Petey is still trying his best.  He and Bud will raise one paw ready to smack when they get too close, I guess prepared for the unknown.  But Missy is running up to Petey and whacking his face like a high speed boxer.  For no reason other than she is a little bitch.  She could be thirty feet away!

Just in case it's been on your mind and bothering you to not know, here's my new knobs on the new paint.  Feel better?

Also today I am making masks.  Since elastic is no where to be found (unless you want a shipment from China in May) I am using what I have.  A narrow cording which can easily slip through the seam.  So I double knotted and applied E6000 to them.  They are hanging through my favorite paint stir drying.  I found out that my nephew's son who works at a juvenile center for offenders or problem kids, was not provided any protection and he was told to go to Walmart and buy the drinks for the boys every day.  He is of course reimbursed, but that is not his minimum wage job responsibility.  It never was before.  The boys don't leave the building, but Matt has two little ones at home and can be bringing in the virus to the school.  So I'm making a few masks for him. 

 I wish he would leave there and get a better paying job, but he is so involved with listening to these kids and their stories.  The majority don't even have a parent come to visit or take them home for a holiday.  Probably why most of them act out in the first place.  Very sad, but they write Matt notes thanking him for listening and caring and although the employee turnaround is very high, he just doesn't want to leave them.

Thanks for the suggestions on the white thread.  Since my eyes have flared up I can't stitch, even though the Dazor light is low and not eye level, I can't look at the lighted stitching.  So if you do the white last, it will be pulled through the red over and over until the length is gone, picking up more and more red fiber.  But I can see the benefit the opposite way too.  My plan is to stitch the red up to the white row, stitch the white, and then continue on the other side of the white with the red.  A little of both methods I guess but since I am confused, that's as good as it gets!!

Have a nice day folks.  Stay safe!



patty said...

Marly, I have been stitching away on one of your free patterns--needleroll with the peacock pattern. I love it!! Such a fun stitch :)

Bitchy Kitteh said...

Marly, check out the YouTube vids that use bandanas or any fabric, hair elastics or in a pinch rubber bands to go over your ears. Super simple. If you have blue ‘shop’ paper towels they can be folded in when you fold up the bandana as another barrier. Made mine this afternoon.

Barb said...

Matt sounds like such a remarkable young man. Glad you are helping him with the masks! Sorry to hear about Carole not being able to get food delivered. These are such difficult times. I actually love that window treatment!

Joan said...

Just a thought, but if you have any old pantyhose that you were going to pitch, cut the legs up and use them with bandanans .. I saw it on Facebook and tried it. It works ... but I needed to cut from the lower leg.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So many videos out there on how to make a mask. Anything is better than nothing!

Martha L said...

This lady has a great solution to the lack of elastic...most places are sold out.
This is a very easy method. We all have old t-shirts and this requires no sewing.

TheCrankyCrow said...

It is good to read of someone who is passionate about his job...or at least CARES about what (who) his job involves. So little of that these days it seems. The minimum wage thing stinks though....I know my son doesn't make a ton of money and could make a heck of a lot more, but feels an obligation to the employer for whom he works as they lived through 3 knee surgeries with him. I have not even attempted a mask...because I have no elastic was my excuse, but now you've taken that away LOL....but most because (a) I have not gone anywhere...and I mean ANYWHERE....and more importantly, I am so incredibly claustrophobic that I can handle covering my nose and mouth at the same time. I almost took out the last anesthesiologist who put an oxygen mask over my face. I think your window treatment is awesome...unique and quirky. And I love your door knobs. Gah....the sight of them makes me realize that that is something else I was gong to change out and it will cost a small fortune...if I can ever decide what it is I want. ~Robin~

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