May 28, 2020

Any progress is good

Between headaches which are rare for me, and trying to adjust to the sun's brightness for the last few days, progress has been minimal.  But on 36 count and more over one, I didn't expect this to be a quick finish.  I should be able to complete the two sections leading to the vase at the bottom tomorrow.


The over one words down each side of the sampler's border did not show well on the chart's photo, the apricot color is not easily seen.  I miss out on a lot of nice samplers because so many have more than a little of over one.  I will consider the project if it's limited but on higher counts, no no.  I am liking those words stitched in the dark green rather than the apricot, more noticeable and adds some interest.  Looking at this, I think the blues should be darker, maybe 930 instead of 931 and 924/3768 instead of 928 (which I already switched to 927).  They look so much darker on the original, even for being on a darker linen.  Hmmm.


The gray 3024 of the original shows nicely on that color linen, but would not show at all on mine.  I have no intention to change the yellow I subbed for it, but look how much nicer the florals stand out on the original.  Need to think about this before I stitch the opposite side even though I just said I wouldn't change.  Don't ever trust me.

I have two small pieces of 40 count in Heartland and Legacy coming from another shop, anxious to see how close the colors are to the 36 count I just received.

Saw the podiatrist and he is pleased with progress but wrapped it tight again.  Maybe next week we can set that little piggy free.  Having the surgery postponed until now worked out well since I can wear sandals during healing.  Can't get them on yet, but soon enough.  Years ago the surgical shoe was a thick sole with two soft cloth flaps and velcro.  This one is a like a gravity sandal for the space station.

Flashing like a maniac.  They're baaaaack.

Enjoy your Friday folks.  
Thanks for visiting.



Truus said...

Do hope the flashes will gone soon--that so terrible and makes you so tyred too.
I do often change the colors too and seeing these original I changed these alphabet to darker colors as in the picture.
Take care of yourself and get well soon with your eyes.
Greetings, Truus from Holland

C M Designs said...

Glad your toe/toes are healing well.
My hand is too......still wear a bandage, just feels better that way.
Stitches will dissolve. Two are sticking out, want to snip them off.
Will wait for the dissolving process.
Have a fun Friday and weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Vera said...

I think your stitching is so pretty Marly. And that is a lovely sampler. I looked through my "supplies/stash" the other day and pulled out a small (Black Bird Designs) I *may* start this weekend. The urge is coming back a bit... said...

Your cross stitch looks great. I restarted cross
stitching yesterday after twenty years off. It’s a 28 count—I can’t go smaller

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a wonderful sampler!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

IMHO, you're making great progress on the sampler....especially considering the color substitutions you're doing (that takes time that us sheep who blindly use called-for colors don't spend doing), one over one's, and specialty stitches. Since finishing up the mermaid, I haven't started a new stitcing project...I have a few WIPs but no incentive to pick them up....and so many hanging in the wings, I'm not sure where to begin. Glad you're healing well.... Those sandals won't feel good in Nod today...down to low 30's tonight. ~Robin~

Margaret said...

Love your stitching! Over one always slows things down. You're lucky to be good at choosing or subbing colors. I have no confidence or ability that way. Beautiful work!

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