May 23, 2020

The good the bad and the nasty

Hey buds!  Memorial Day weekend.  Wow.  That's all.  Just wow.

First the good.  I missed out on 123 and other sites shipment of 36 count Heartland PTP because I was waiting for a money transfer.  It came, but the fabric went.  After searching for two days, I found a piece!!  And a piece of Legacy (whatever the hell that is)!!  In stock, happy dance.  Hope I like them.  She has a half yard of 40 Legacy in stock but I got the last of the Heartland in higher count.  If you email her, she will let you know what is in stock for shipping or needs ordered.  Free shipping over $35 for the weekend.

The bad.  More cats.  A sweet faced smaller fluffy apricot has been hanging around and crying at the windows.  Mine want to kill her/him and I can't stop Petey either.  They do not want to be in the house once warm weather arrives and they will howl like a banshee.  This beautiful visitor is truly in trouble, but I'm sure other males will be coming around and the fighting will continue, neutered or not.

More bad.  My wonderful state of PA has allowed my Medicare supplement to raise my monthly fee.  I sign a contract for A YEAR in which time I am not allowed (by law) to change providers, drop the plan, or switch to another.  Yet they were given permission by the PA Dept of Insurance to raise the amount I agreed to for the year.  Seven months of increase and I will bet another in the future.  That my friends, is horseshit. Good for gardens, bad for finances.  And allowing generic drugs that were Tier 1 last year to be moved into Tier 3 that carries a $435 deductible is also that horse thing.  Good Rx is free and cheaper, yet we are forced to pay for a Medicare Plan D contract.

Still on bad.  Carole's dear friend has been dealing with the local hospital after her 77 year old husband took a bad fall and broke his hip in three areas.  She can't see him, the staff is limited, he is not getting proper care, help with eating, no one comes when he calls for bathroom assistance, he fell out of bed (no rails were up) on to the broken hip, has had a stroke and bladder infection while there, and she gets no answers.  How many people are dealing with these emergencies and elderly in nursing homes that are on their own.  Terrible.  My friend's husband recently died and she was not allowed in for his final days so she hired a service to remove him from the hospital and once home, he died within hours.  She is thankful she defied the hospital and was able to be with him.

On to nasty.  Our irresponsible residents in an adjoining city decided to party and raised our Covid cases by 18 in one week.  Asymptomatic, only two with slight illness, but because of that increase we are not going to green as all the other counties around us.  So ticked off as the entire county is toward this individual.  How many people did the positive 18 come in contact with before it was known?  No masks, no distancing, just party time.  And he had symptoms at the time!!   Not a source of fertilizer but certainly a horse's ass.

And here's my progress albeit slow.  I found more errors and am ignoring them.  I also changed the 928 to 927 for contrast and used the wrong blue for the G.  Don't care.  I plan to continue with the border next, a break from the eyelet stitches.

Thank you Marlene for the ripper with the rubber suggestion, getting one this afternoon.  Yes ladies, it's a stitch ripper with a rubber tip.  If I could find my silicone finger I'll bet that would work very well also.  I bought them for protection from the iron when pressing small items and for some reason, they disappeared.  How could that be?

Hope you all have decent weather this weekend and enjoy sitting outside.

Stay well, be safe!
Thanks for visiting.



diamondc said...

Hi Marly: Medicare is raising prices every where, it is a sad situation.
I would have your friend call her local Senator and file a complaint and keep filing a complaint until she gets an answer, that is sick, I am happy she defied the hospital.
I actually like the color of the letter even if you think you used the wrong color it looks good to me.
I have made many mistakes, I just let them go if they are not bad.
I hope your state is back to normal, we have over 85% of the people dying are in nursing homes, it makes me think there is a bit of euthanasia going on, sad but maybe true.
Have a great weekend.


Heritage Hall said...

Marly - Pretend the directions called for the deeper G and don't fret.. who would
know and what difference does it really make? I understand and am like you, but have
come to appreciate that some accidental missteps often create a more interesting outcome.. This sampler is looking beautiful.
Have a relaxing weekend and give yourself over to putting concerns aside for a few
days. Close the door and open the windows.

diamondc said...

Marly: I was thinking maybe the cat meowing is an indoor cat and not for outdoors, i hope it survives.


Vickie said...

People all around in Wisconsin seem to be easing up and going mask free. It is scary. The virus has gone nowhere. All since the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned our Governor's Safer At Home Order two weeks ago. The numbers are going up and up now. We are hunkering down here.

Akila said...

That's so irresponsible. There are many such instances happening here as well.

Truus said...

Here in the Netherlands we are from the beginning of march in lockdown-stay at home if it's not necesary to go out. Restaurants, theatre, cinema etc are closed since march.When you go to the supermarkt you have to be within a distance from 1.50m.and only a few persons and not a lot of people. We cann't see eachother-no family or our children are visiting is.
In june we are alowed to go see eachother but only a few at the time.
So sorry for the friend of Carole.
Your sampler will be beautiful and I like the blue G.
Stay save and healthy!!!
Greetings, Truus from Holland

Annmarie said...

Here in Ohio we have a soft lifting which lots of people are interpreting as back to normal. I've been going to the grocery once a week during the early morning (7-8) senior time. When I went on Friday wearing my mask and carrying a wipe to use on my cart, about half the people were wearing masks- ALL OF THEM SENIORS. Others were mask free and no concern about distancing. I don't understand. My son, wife and grands are all adhering to staying home and masks if they go out - for their own health AND for us so they ensure they are protecting us.
So very many people - all ages - are adhering; however, it only takes a few......and the rest of us will suffer. Take care my needlework friends.

C M Designs said...

Sending good thoughts from Virginia.
So sad about Carole's friend's husband. Go glad she brought him home for his death. Don't know what is happening or will be happening to our country. It's really frightening and making so many people angry.
I stay home except for a very occasional trip for groceries or to Walgreen's. When I go out I wear a mask and gloves. It's hard to breathe in the mask but hope it does some good.
Not another kitty..........OMG. You don't need that. I hope the little one will survive the onslaught of your other ones....Shame on Petey.
Have been digging in my little bit of dirt.......moving bricks to make a little bit bigger flower bed. Transplanted some pretties in the new space. I hope they do well. Have not been to Lowe's to be tempted to buy. Did buy a week sprayer to use with vinegar, Epsom salt and Dawn.
Take care, stay well and I hope you'll have some peace this weekend.
Charlotte in Va.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cats know where to come to be treated like royalty.
So sad to hear what Carole's friend is dealing with and sadder for the husband not being treated as he should be. And I'm sure your friend will find comfort knowing her husband didn't die alone. This COVID-19...well, don't let me start. I will leave it at that.
God Bless America.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Yup...that is complete horse manure...If they can up the price, you should at least be able to change plans... I am filing a formal complaint with the Commissioner of INsurance regarding my private insurance your med example, one of mine was changed and now will cost me over $1000. Are.You.Kidding??! And to change mid-stream...on top of having half of our only in-network providers jump ship....totally unacceptable. Good thing I am late to this particular party or I am sure I would start a small war over my next comments regarding the "mask" thing. Yes, the idiot who went out and partied being symptomatic is complete bull. He should be hung out to dry. But I am totally over this whole mask crap. Even the CDC has been, at best, equivicol about the advisability of wearing masks. Yes, of course...if you are in a medical facility...or are high risk perhaps...or even if you choose to...but REQUIRING it is CRAP. There are several scientific studies showing they do more harm than good...all the touching, adjusting, etc. is only increasing the chances of transferring germs. And the other negative aspects of them seem to be just "dismissed" by the pro-maskers....the increase CO2 intake, the moisture creating a breeding ground for bacteria, etc. and the strain it causes for those who have breathing/respiratory issues. I respect others' right to wear a mask if they feel it advisable...just wish my right NOT to wear one would be equally respected. So there...told ya it's a good thing I'm late to this particular party LOL. Hope you are well....and what crap about Carole's friend's husband...glad your friend was able to spend some time with her hubby before the end. ~Robin~

Pam in IL said...

I get that the virus has changed many things, but increasing the cost of your supplemental is crap! Your state should have at least given everyone the opportunity to change plans. Almost all of my mom's Tier 1 medications have been switched to Tier 3 and Tier 4 or classified as "specialty" which has caused her to go in the donut hole already. It will be a financial hardship for her for the rest of the year.

My next door neighbor has been having large gatherings and parties almost every day since mid March. She is home collecting unemployment, receiving almost double her salary and still thinks this shut down and virus are a scam. Her kids are running all over the neighborhood getting into trouble, and she blames it on the teachers and school for not keeping her kids occupied. I'm thankful for the stockade fence between her property and ours because there were at least 50 people in her backyard on Saturday celebrating the start of summer.

I'm ready for this nightmare to be over so I can be with my family and hold my grandson again.

Take care!

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