May 8, 2020

Too thin or too thick

One of these, I am not.

As I continue with stitching, I'm questioning whether I should use two strands for the satin stitch on this 36 count.  Definitely will be changing the other very light 3024 to something darker.  First alphabet is satin stitch and very nicely charted making placement easy to follow.

The back is more prominent so I'm thinking two threads would be better but I need to test that.  Never tried it on this high of a count.  I have quite a few reproductions with very light threads, not really visible, but these days I prefer all the stitching to be easily seen.  It does not bother me at all (as you've known) to alter a repro in balance, size, or color.

I previously asked if anyone had information on American Country magazine.  Emails and texts went unanswered for months, and although the publication was supposedly sent to print in February after waiting a year, it wasn't.  I was concerned about her health but then saw she is selling online and still keeping up with Ye Country Mercantile.  Now the magazine's website is closed and anyone waiting for the $45 subscription refund will be out $45.  Very unprofessional and inconsiderate to leave everyone hanging without answers and ignore inquiries.  I wouldn't trust a merchandise purchase either. The BBB has a pattern of complaints concerning delivery of merchandise and customer service, they have not received a reply from the merchant.

How many calories do you think throwing clothes in a washer and dryer burn?  I store my chocolate in a microwave in the basement kitchen, within twenty feet of the washer.  The treadmill is about thirty feet.  That's a long way.



Rugs and Pugs said...

A couple years ago I had a problem with an order I placed with her shop. She would not refund my money until I involved PayPal and thankfully it was within PayPal's timeline for a refund.
When I politely messaged her about how unprofessional she was (I did it privately and did not publish on FB), the response I got from her was the most foul and vulgar thing I have ever received. Now I am no prude and sometimes my mouth could make a sailor blush, but her response shocked me.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ha!! I just knew your backs would be OCD perfect LOL! Glad to see you picked up the needle again and hope your eyes cooperate. My flippin' mermwitch is getting the best of me so I set aside my needle and picked up my hook.... Happy FriYay once again ~ Robin~ (I just had to say that because I just found out it was Friday and not Saturday. Yikes.)

C M Designs said...

It's a terrible shame that the American Country magazine turned out the way it did. Was a very nice magazine, at least the four copies that I received were.
Am shocked at what "Rugs and Pugs" said.............that kind of language is NOT good for any kind of business. Sad.
Charlotte in Va.

Marilyn said...

That happened to me with a few cross stitch magazines.
1 had excuse after excuse, no refund, no follow-up.
Another switched my subscription to a painting magazine which I really didn't want, I called for a refund instead, & they said no. 1 had no notice that it went digital instead. You think they would notify their customers, but no, the issues just stopped cold. When I called, they said , oh, your subscription ran out months ago.
Didn't get an issue, so didn't know! Then they told me they went digital only.
So why didn't they send the rest of my subscription digital?
How can they rip people off like that?

Jeanne Sheridan said...

IAbout American Country -- unfortunately, the woman running the magazine has a long history of cheating customers (I know this from personal experience as well as checking her record through Google). She refuses even to respond to inquiries. Sadly, I can't imagine that any of us will ever see a refund.

Robin in Virginia said...

That is too bad about that magazine. I don't understand how people can live with themselves after doing that to people. Your sampler progress is looking incredible, Marly. Enjoy your weekend!

JustGail said...

Well that stinks on American Country magazine, and the rest of her dealings as well. I know some would hesitate to publish names of companies that are doing wrong, but then if not done, how will others know of how they operate? It frustrates me to no end to read of having issues with a company, but no details of who it is.

I'd change the colors on your sampler. I always wonder on reproduction patterns if they use the colors as they appear now, or if the original colors were used. Do they say which? If they are using the faded colors, I'd be wondering what the new version will look like after 20 years. In short - honor what the original stitcher used.

As to calories used in laundry - I think it depends on how vigorously you throw, I mean place, the laundry into the washer and dryer. And if you move the clothes one at a time or in armloads.

Ms Peppercorn said...

Made some comments on Ye Country Mercantile Instagram and sent an email chastising her. I’m sure it means nothing to a chronic thief like her but it made me feel better.

celkalee said...

Another victim here never received one copy, not one. No response to the inquiry, nothing. This is the second time I have had an experience like this. The other person did essentially the same thing, then, later on, admitted that she had overextended herself with her 6th child on the way, but I am sure that is not really a valid excuse. It was bumpy from the beginning. After that, nothing for years and now she is at it again. Selling essential oils. No, no, no. No time for that. I am done.

Your sampler is coming along nicely. As per Nicola Parkman, study the back of the original sampler to see the true colors. Sadly, most of us do not have the opportunity to do that. I am sure you will find the right compromise.

diamondc said...

Hi Marly: If you used a credit card you can file a complaint and get your money refunded to your card, we had a similar incident last year Visa was fantastic about the refund.
That Sampler is a lovely design, I would use a single strand on that count, but it of course is up to you.
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