Jun 18, 2020

Well that hurt


I stretched my arm out through the door which pulled a muscle in my back at the same time the rag rug my knees were on started slipping on the wood floor and once in motion, nothing I could do to stop it until my chin hit the door's threshold.  But before the slow motion mishap, I was able to reach him as he laid on the bench.  Once I smacked down he ran but I stroked his back three times!!  Now mine has a hot pack on it.

Thanks for the suggestions on the Hickling vase caper.  I plan to take a better photo, upload to Paint, and manipulate to find the best of these options.
1.  Extend the top border to the right over the flowers.
2.  Remove the flowers and space them further apart.
3.  Remove and stitch the flower section as they are but higher and add to the top of the vase.
4.  Remove it all and stitch again 3 rows up and extend the diagonal stitches of the border beneath.
5.  Have an iced coffee and do something with the uneven piles in the sewing room.



debbie haggard said...

Hooray for Petey! But Ouch for you- I believe you will win him over yet.
And I vote for option 5- decide another day 🤔

C M Designs said...

Oh, Marly..........sorry you had to have such a calamity in order to touch Petey. I hope, now, he won't be so skiddish and will let you touch/pet him some more. I hope your pain will subside quickly.
Have the iced coffee and sit on your swing. Enjoy this cooler weather.
Don't remove all of the stitching, just "fludge" it to make it like you want it. LOL
Take care !

Purple Pixie Dust said...

are you accident prone. you do seem to have allot of hurts going on. you need to relax more and watch where your feet are planted and not on rugs that can move out from under your feet. have done that too. I hope the pain goes away quickly. big hugs
sit and enjoy your iced coffee and please relax Petey will come around on his own terms.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Truly, LOVE HURTS!! So sorry for your mishap, misstep, face plant, and back pain!!! OUCH!!!
I do think Petey will come around and hopefully you will heal up soon!!!
Enjoy that iced coffee and chose the least stressful option!!
Take care and feel better soon!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Rugs and Pugs said...

If there's a way to hurt one's self, you will find it :( So sorry.

Jeannine520 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your injuries but congratulations on your progress with Petey. That's great! I take care of and I guess, re-domesticate cats who aren't necessarily all feral but have been living without people long enough to be very fearful and I know how hard won those little steps of progress can be. I hope you and he are best buddies by the time the cold weather is back. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

Vickie said...

I am so sorry you got hurt in the process, but this is wonderful news for Petey!!

CathieJ said...

Oh, so sorry that such a great event with Petey was interrupted by calamity. I hope your back feels better soon. It sounds like you have a re-stitching decision to make, but enjoy the coffee first.

JustGail said...

Yay on petting Petey, so sorry you hurt your back in the process. I think I'd go for option 6 - iced coffee, hot pack, couch, crayons (or color pencils) and paper and doodle some of the suggestions for the sampler, nap....

TheCrankyCrow said...

Am I the only one laughing??? O sure, I'm sorry you are a hurting unit now, but the visual of that was just too damn funny not to choke on my iced tea. And I'd say that's awesome progress with Petey...hopefully your final smacking down didn't traumatize him LOL. Well, I gave you my 2 cents worth on the vase-capade and see it's not in the running, so I'll just sit back and wait to see what you decide.... Feel better soon ~Robin~

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