Jul 19, 2020

It' all over but the shouting

Or screaming.  I have to finish the over one in the body.

I can't tell you how many wacky errors in placement there are in this area and you don't want to hear them.  But you probably will.  How can a position be two stitches over (whether intentional or not) and yet be aligned with the other motif, or three stitches off in the opposite direction?  It really doesn't matter but that frustrates me to no end.   I moved the right side vase over to the border as the left side which I like much better.  I didn't change the position of the floral balls to match but did line up the leaves to the same extension as the left.   But that blue spotted llama was moved two stitches yet is correct to the center motif which is perfectly aligned. The bottom border was moved two to the right and it's two to the left from the center motif.   WTH???  Oh well.  I've wasted enough time and am happy with the outcome, but HOW did that happen?

I found a beautiful fungus this morning.  Worthy of Instagram?
Still playing with the tablet and blowing my mind, and I can easily post to Instagram but the photos are not very clear.  I am amazed at some on the close ups I see from phones and read that Samsung is the best for that.  We'll see.  

Yesterday we stained the 43"square surround Mark made to keep the brats away from the new air conditioner we're getting in two weeks.  They destroyed this one from spraying which deteriorated the condenser fins (you can see the white bottom area through the slats). The new one has more coverage on the sides but that spray can still get inside so we decided this would be the best solution.  Home Depot online had picket slats in bundles but their stock was depleted.  So we purchased the 1x6 treated rough sawn pine six footers and cut them in half, cut off the dog eared edge and slapped it together.  Even if the spray goes through, it won't reach the unit.  We'll buy screening and staple it to the inside top to prevent leaves and tree debris which is always a problem too.  

Hope the weekend is going well.  It's hot here, expecting storms.  Stay safe!!



Robin in Virginia said...

Your Sampler looks incredible. Love the picture of the fungus; it looks a like floral. Yes to putting it on Instagram. I must have missed it; what kind of tablet did you get, Marly? Stay safe if you get the storms!

JustGail said...

Fantastic fungus photo! The brown stripes are gorgeous. For some reason I think they have "turkey" in the name??? I saw some of these on an old bit of stump here, as well as some others. I wish i knew if they were edible or not. I have no idea about the counting thing, I do know I'll never remember the errors you say are there when you get it done. Even if I did, I'd certainly never mention them!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Wonderful finish on the sampler.
Awesome fungus. Nature sure can be beautiful.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Marly,
Your sampler is really beautiful and that is all that people will see!!!
That fungus is truly incredible and your readers on IG would love it!! It looks just like a flower!!!
Your new cover is perfect and looks like it will do the job!!!
Hope you have a great week and stay safe and well!!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Anonymous said...

Marly, the sampler is lovely, the colors so good. I would never have seen the wonkiness, looks good to me. Never heard of cats going on AC systems, but it shouldn't be surprising!

Truus said...

Like your sampler and nobody will know the difference with the chart as it not next to your stitching.
I have the same problem with my stitching-a poppy for a friend. Counted several times and cann't find the mistake so did some extra stitches.
The fungus looks like a flower to me-it is beautiful.
My tablet is a Samsung and the photo's are good quality and it isn't a expensive one.
Stay save and healthy with the storm.
Greetings Truus from Holland

Anonymous said...

Love the sampler and I cant see the difference - nobody else will either I'm sure. The fungus is amazing I have never seen one like that - and yes pop it on instagram. Stay safe and well.

C M Designs said...

Your sampler is lovely. Would never, in a million years, know that anything was off.
The fungus is beautiful....looks like a rose. Share for all to see.
Like the protection for your AC unit. Wish I had something like that all the way around my yard for privacy.
Take care, stay well and cool.
Charlotte in Va.

Margaret said...

Love your sampler -- so so pretty! No one but you knows the placement issues. It all looks fantastic! Stay cool!

Vera said...

The sampler is gorgeous! Love it. And what a neat fungus!! Looks like a flower.

Heritage Hall said...

As always, a plane going over will never notice off stitches. That fungus is very
photo-worthy...so pretty. Great AC enclosure. You guys are great.

Barb said...

I have had counting issues like that and have no answer! Like you, I don't really care but do get frustrated! Your AC enclosure looks great!

TheCrankyCrow said...

That fungus is more than IG worthy...it's award worthy.... looks like a frosting tipped gingerbread rosette (like, yeah...I know there's no such thing LOL).... And your sampler is more than award-worthy...it is absolutely stunning. As for the counting perplexity...I can tell you from experience that it simply means that there was more than "one" error LOL. If it's two off one way, but then 3 off another...there's another error somewhere there that you didn't even suspect...I know...just what you wanted to hear, eh? So, don't even bother pondering it. ;-) I did and will forever live to regret it. Wow...kitties can ruin an ac unit, eh? Learn something new everyday. All I can say is that Mark must be one patient fellow. Mine would have found another resolve...one that would not have made you or me happy in any regard. ~Robin~

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