Mar 17, 2011

I'm done

So now I have to pick a fabric and decide how to finish it. Narrowed it to three choices.  I have a green that goes really well with that middle tree, but I think it's too much.  Better stick with the neutrals.
 That blue line along the fabric is a shadow.

My choice right now is the really dark brown that I used on the last project.  But after I eat the stuffed cabbage that is now scenting the whole house, I'll probably change my mind.  If you like kugel, or noodle pudding, I'm posting my recipe soon on the other blog.  I love that stuff.   As for deciding on my next little project, I chose the LA-D-DA  Bird in Hand.
Twenty plus years ago when I was stitching, my wonderful-how-I-miss-them shops didn't even carry silk thread.  Or maybe they did but it was never offered or suggested for kitting.  This design calls for silk and I have a few AVAS, and all of these.....

I never heard of this brand and after much Googling, I couldn't find any conversions other than silk to DMC, not silk to silk.   There is no gray in this line which is the bird's color.  So I don't know if I will start this or not, unless I can find a bluish gray that's suitable.  Wait - I don't have any linen over 32 count so ..... should silk be used only as single strand on higher linen counts?   Maybe I should order a piece of the recommended 35 ct. along with the silk.   I'll have to decide if I will wait for the threads/linen order, proceed with cotton, or pick a different project.  If I continue doing smalls, I should have a nice batch for a Christmas tree.  I like little ornaments and pillows in a wood bowl,  but not with hanging loops, so I'll sew buttons on the back top corners or one in the middle and twist the hanger around them when needed instead of sewing them into the seam.  Then I can display them either way.  I'm sure you've all seen Linda Wallace's sampler tree on Mary Beale's site.  I visited for the first time in a long while and LOVE that little pillow on her "shop" link but I can't find it for sale on her site.  She showcases Christmas stockings stitched by Mary Natwick and they are stunning.  Mary will be featuring another stitcher's Christmas decorations, Carla Michaels, this fall.  If you haven't seen the sampler tree, click on "Linda's trees".  Decision made.  I'm going with Bird in Hand on 30 with DMC.  The longer I screw around picking a design the more apt I will be to set it all aside!  It's not easy to go through all that unmarked linen to find a piece close to what it should be, but with the inventory I have, it's silly to keep buying more linen for small projects.  I will lighten or darken what I have - close enough!!!  Hmm...  I deserve chocolate for all that decision making.

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Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the finish! I like the dark brown fabric for it, too, but I pretty much stink at finishing so my opinion isn't worth even the $.02 with which it comes. ;)

It's personal preference, but for me personally, the thing that I love about silk is that it gives great coverage one thread over two linen threads on anything 32 ct and above, especially if it's a thicker linen like a Zweigart base. I did a couple samplers on 35 ct WDW with one strand of NPI silk and the coverage wasn't as thick as I might have liked but it was good enough.

Doesn't Bird in Hand suggest NPI silks? You can get them on sale right now at DMC is great, too--especially for smaller things.

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